DS shipment forecast raised to 20 million units

Nintendo has raised its DS shipment forecast to 20 million units after net profits rose by more than 48 per cent during the first half of the financial year.

Profits for the six month period ending September 30 stood at YEN 54.35 billion (EUR 361 million) - up from YEN 36.6 billion (EUR 243 million) a year previously.

Revenues were up by almost 70 per cent to reach YEN 298.8 billion (EUR 1.98 billion, while operating profit more than tripled to YEN 67.11 billion (EUR 446 million).

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PS360WII4469d ago

The public can shell out enough money to make this 20 million maker. Everyone loves the DS it has great support and another option for controls. Granted not every game uses the touch screen and some when they do still have button controlls. But with this system we are seeing alot of nice original IP's and some of the classics as well.
By-the-by for those who haven't tried it yet. Contact is a pretty fun one that just came out. Plus we can't forget that FFIII is coming out soon ^^