NVIDIA Slowing Down Graphics Upgrades?

TweakTown writes:

"If you've recently found yourself thinking that you might just bite the bullet and buy a new high-end graphics card, news last week that new models from NVIDIA could be coming as soon as July may make you rethink that decision. The day before the 9800GTX was officially unveiled, rumors started to leak that NVIDIA was already preparing a new line-up of high-end cards under the 9900 naming scheme, and that the 9800 series would be discontinued in July.

Word is that we will see a similar setup to what we currently have now; a 9900GTX sporting a single core and a 9900GX2 that will carry with it two GPUs like the current 9800GX2. It's clear that NVIDIA wants to continue to be on top of AMD when it comes to speed, but these constant refreshes with minor improvements are coming to the point where it's just plain ridiculous."

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Jerkstore814242d ago

"...but these constant refreshes with minor improvements are coming to the point where it’s just plain ridiculous."

I can't agree enough with that statement.

Fux4Bux4242d ago

Yeah wtf is going on here. They prettymuch have backtracked since the 8800GTX. Cheaper and more efficient parts is all we've gotten for a year and a half. Should've seen like a 256 stream processor, 1GB GDRR4 card from them by now.

Bonsai12144242d ago

thats how technology works. no company releases the absolute cutting edge as soon as they come up with it. digital cameras could do 10 megapixels 3 or 4 years ago, but no sensible company would release it because costs would be ridiculous and it might take several more years of r and d to come out with the next big thing.

Gorgon4242d ago

Not really. The reason is that AMD is not putting up pressure for the release of a new chip. If you look a few years ago we were actually getting a new architecture every year. But the 8000 series has been around since Fall 2006 and the 9000 series is the same architecture with some tweaks here and there. Thats what happens when competition stiffles.

I would wait for the 10 series for some really meaningfull changes.

GIJeff4242d ago

i still haven't upgraded from my 7950gx2. Not only is it fast enough to play everything i like to play, but, every time nVidia releases something there's a new one coming 3 months later. The 9800GTX isn't even much of an improvement over the 8800GT. You can SLI 2 8800GTs for the price of one 9800GTX, and the 8800gt's would KILL the single 9800GTX. Also, the 9800GX2 is worthless. Ugh, i want nVida to stick with a card for a year like they used to.

m91058264242d ago

lol, i got roped into the 7950gx2 also. Didnt think anyone else actually had one. I really wish i had waited for DX10, but I had to have my rig done on a schedule for school.

LinuxGuru4242d ago

I am so goddamned f*cking tired of the stupidly insane rate at which graphics technology is's just not f*cking fair.

TheIneffableBob4242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )

The 8800 GTX, which is still high-end, has been out for 1 1/2 years.
Most of the new cards which NVIDIA have put out have simply been refreshes.

Kakkoii4242d ago

It's not the graphics card companies fault that game companies are making games that even the best cards can't run at max settings.

There just trying to keep up with the rapidly increasing demand for fast graphics cards that can keep up with the latest graphics.

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The story is too old to be commented.