Thunderbolt: Dark Sector Review

Thunderbolt writes: "The trailer for Dark Sector was one of the first "next-generation" videos anyone ever saw. Featuring what the developer claimed was in-game footage, Dark Sector purported to be a stealth game set in outer space. It was intriguing and original, but the game soon fell under the radar. Now, in 2008, Dark Sector is finally seeing release. Things have changed in the four years since it was first revealed; but luckily, the premise is just as interesting and original as it was in the original trailer. Unfortunately, the same can't be said about the gameplay, but even there, a few features make a positive impression. If players can overlook the slapdash storytelling and derivative base gameplay, Dark Sector will provide exciting combat and a rich atmosphere."

-Intense, gory combat
-Spooky sound design
-Jaw-dropping visuals

-Lame story
-Derivative gameplay

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