Australian retailers to dump Xbox 360?

A new survey conducted by ChannelNews and SmartHouse of 10 retail chains who operate more than 2,000 stores across Australia has revealed that the Xbox 360 is "on the skids," as the retailers see growth coming mainly from the PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii.


Microsoft has since denied this rumor, commenting that Australian retailers “are excited about our current and upcoming offers, and we’re looking forward to another bumper year.”

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Maddens Raiders3845d ago

whether *completely made up by a fanboy or completely true, one thing is certain for both:


Carbon3845d ago

Got mine on launch day and dumped it about a month ago for a PSP Slim and GTAIV. Best decision I ever made. I feel terible for the poor smuck who gets that system, amazing it didnt RROD yet.

sonarus3845d ago

Hmmm. I doubt this will happen. If msoft lets this happen then that is just rediculous

Richdad3845d ago

IF the reason was customer dissatisfaction than it could be but couldnt cope with PS3 and WII is just some stupid reason. I can think of much better reasons.
Actually Xbox1 was not dumped and it didnt compete with PS2 and so did GC so why would 360 it might at the end sell thrice or even more than its predecessor.

le killer3845d ago

seriously, the sh1t that gets posted on here nowadays! unfortunately(because of the lag they bring into my games), i've met plenty of aussies on line. if this was a post about japan dropping the 360 then i could understand it.

The Killer3845d ago

LOL.. it was a joke!


was it??

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Kaz Hirai3845d ago

Australia- King Kaz's new favourite country!


Kazuo Hirai3845d ago

the playstation 3 is like,soo hot.

Hentai3845d ago

Emperor hirai, you are doing a good job in leading the perfectstation 3 to victory. :)

Hentai3845d ago


You can't act, i just wanted you to know that. You lose a bubble btw, paris.

PSWe603845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

Emperor Hirai, you so funny!

Razzy3845d ago

Don't worry Paris, I still love you. Even if you're only famous for being famous. ;)

Sir Ken Kutaragi 43845d ago

+It should say-


Microsoft has since BLOCKED this rumor, commenting that Australian retailers “are excited about our current(PAY OFFER TO STOP US TELLING THE TRUTH) and upcoming offers, and we’re looking forward to another bumper year(PLEASE DON'T SUE us Micro$oft).”

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eagle213845d ago

Other retailers said the Xbox 360 has suffered as a brand since its Red Ring of Death problems last year. They also cited that compared to the PS3 and Wii, consumers did not see value in Microsoft’s console.

“The Xbox 360 is dead. We are stocking it because of our relationship with Microsoft however all our energy and marketing is going into the PS3 and the Nintendo Wii unless Microsoft come up with something new or additional marketing dollars,” a Melbourne-based retailer said. “Halo 3 was big on the Xbox but that was about it.”

Varsarus3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

Japan will be next to dump it, then Europe (except UK).