1UP Previews Destroy All Humans!: Path of the Furon

1UP writes: "Humans need to be destroyed. That's the mindset you'll need to adopt when you step into the role of Crypto, an alien invader who's hell-bent on annihilating -- or controlling -- all of humanity. Some of us have done it before, taking Crypto through the first two Destroy All Humans games, but those who haven't gotten in on the Homo sapien beat-down will get another chance this fall, when THQ releases Destroy All Humans: Path of the Furon.

Path of the Furon allows you to take your alien invader through multiple open-world environments, on a series of missions that involve a healthy dose of wanton destruction. In our recent hands-on time with an early version of the game, we destroyed enough city blocks and terrorized -- or vaporized -- enough humans to call our session a massacre. It's super familiar territory for veterans of the series, with the bells and whistles that the game's heavily-modified Unreal Engine III provides."

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IzKyD13313942d ago

i actually loved the first 2 destroy all humans games, but it got really bad reviews for some reason

kalel3333942d ago

I personally thought they were alright. there wasn't enough variety in my opinion, seemed to repetitive