PC screenshots of Aliens: Colonial Marines’ Stasis Interrupted DLC

Sega has released a handful of images from Stasis Interrupted marking the release of this final bit of single-player DLC for Aliens: Colonial Marines on the PC via Steam for $9.99 (free for Season Pass owners).

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Whatsupdog2003d ago

Wish I could just erase my memory that this game ever existed.

Garethvk2003d ago

They are at least trying to fix things with the new patches and add on. The new maps are not bad. They could have just walked away but they have tryed to do some fixes beyond the paid DLC. But you are right, this was supposed to be the ultimate Alien game and it was such a hige disappointment.

Whatsupdog2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

Yea, as much as I appreciate the post-release support, the sad fact (for me at least) is that this was such a mess, and really disappointing on the whole even after all the patches :-(
Expected so much more given that it was Gearbox...oh well.

Garethvk2003d ago

I am curious as to how much traction the lawsuit will get as if it gets off the ground, this could change the way games are done in the industry. What I find so funny is that all they had to do in the pre-release trailers is have a notice that footage may differ from the release version of the game and they would be covered.