1UP Previews Deadly Creatures

1UP writes: "Within minutes of picking up Deadly Creatures, we were bashing our enemies with everything we could muster. Though its beat-em-up style is similar to a lot of games we've played before, it's a different experience, as we're not a dashing young man, out to save some damsel in distress. Actually, we're not a man at all; we're a scorpion, complete with claws and a stinger.

And that's Deadly Creatures' standout feature as a brawler. You control arachnids, using all the advantages that the species belays -- stingers and claws, for instance -- to put your foes out of commission. The story isn't so clear at this point, but the developer tells us it?s a tale of how a single scorpion and tarantula's paths intertwine, leading up to what we're sure is going to be an epic encounter".

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PS360WII3849d ago

Awesome. A brawler with creatures I like the idea. The controls sound like it's a fun time and plenty to think about. It'll be hard at first but I'm sure after playing for a bit it'll all get easier ^^