Game-Boyz: Turning Point: Fall of Liberty

Game-Boyz writes: "Imagine if Winston Churchill, the leader of Great Britain during World War II, died in 1931; eight years before the second World War. Would the Nazi's have taken control of Europe? Would the war have moved closer to home? This is the basic premise of Turning Point: Fall of Liberty. Having played the Xbox 360 version of the game recently, I was interested to see how the PS3 version would hold up when compared to it. More specifically I was hoping for perhaps a more polished game considering the PS3's capabilities. Unfortunately, the PS3 version is virtually identical to the Xbox 360 version. As such, Turning Point takes a back seat to the many great shooters already available on the PS3.

Compared to the Xbox 360 version of the game, the visuals seem a little cleaner and brighter on the PS3. That being said, they remain identical to the 360 version. The graphics in Turning Point for PS3 start on a high note. Within the first few minutes of the single player mode I got that "Pearl Harbour" feeling as missiles were dropped from above landing on the Statue of Liberty as the Nazi's began to invade New York City. The presentation is very cinematic and the mood is intense from the get go. Unfortunately, it goes downhill from here. While the game scores high marks for its cinematic presentation; the character animations and graphical glitches are serious concerns."

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