Gamespot: Buzz!: Quiz TV Hands-On, Playstation 3

Gamespot writes, "when it comes to party games, Sony Europe definitely takes things seriously. It forged ahead to create custom peripherals for PlayStation 2 series such as SingStar, EyeToy, and Buzz!, and though they took their time to reach other countries, they've still proved to be immensely popular in the UK. Of those three games, only the Buzz! peripherals have yet to receive a PlayStation 3 upgrade, but that will be rectified this spring with the release of Buzz!: Quiz TV. Shipping with wireless controllers for the first time, the game will feature online play and custom question sets, as well as the requisite high-definition upgrade. Sony sent us a preview copy of the game complete with finished buzzers, so we wasted no time in cracking them open and testing our general ignorance."

"Whereas previous Buzz! games were released in themed packs, the PlayStation 3 version combines many different subject areas in one package. By bringing together subjects such as film, TV, sport, music, and science and technology, this version of Buzz is both the most comprehensive and welcoming to date. You can choose to narrow down quizzes by just one subject, with film and TV split into subcategories such as blockbusters and 'toons, or combine lots of topics to keep things interesting. At the end of each round, the player with the lowest score is allowed to choose the topic for the next round, and this feature helps to make the game the most entertaining and varied Buzz! that we've played."

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eagle214246d ago

NA will get Singstar in May I think. I want Buzz now too! :)