Crispy Gamer: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Preview

Crispy Gamer writes: "I have beaten Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. I know what happens with the characters. I know the twists and turns of the plot. I have conquered the bosses. I know what really happens to Snake. I can say this because last month over a three-day period in the mountains of Japan, I played through the final chapter in the Metal Gear Saga in its entirety.

And sadly, for now, I can only talk about the first section of the game I played.

When originally shown in trailer form at Tokyo Game Show 2005, MGS4 more or less set the bar for what people could potentially expect from the PlayStation 3. From the first act alone, it's apparent that Kojima Productions has gotten a good handle on PlayStation 3 development. Everything in the Middle East oozes with atmosphere even though the environments are primarily brown, crumbly and drab. Snake looks phenomenal, and whether switching from a crouched position into dive, rolling into a lying-down state, then rolling onto his back to inch closer to an enemy -- whom he puts out flat with a CQC move -- everything comes together seamlessly. Sounds are crisp, and I often found myself lifting my headphones to check if sound was in-game or happening in the actual world around me. Fans of the previous Harry Gregson-Williams' music will also be in for a treat, as the soundtrack's score is brilliant."

-Answers to series' questions
-Multiple ways of achieving goals
-Customizable weaponry

-No in-game tutorial
-New SOP system only available in multiplayer

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Bonsai12144239d ago

yes! thats 4 impressions out, 11 more to go. every impression thus far has be incredibly positive. less than 2 months till its out!!

Spinner4239d ago

2 weeks till mgo beta!!

AlterEgo4239d ago

These hands-on previews are eating me alive.

The anticipation is starting to become overwhelming.

Peekay4239d ago

yeah tell me about it! I've never been this excited for a game since goodness knows when! ^^

ChanDangle4239d ago

When the pro's out weigh the slight con's its all good.

mugoldeneagle034239d ago

I suggest downloading the newest 1UP Yours Podcast where Shane goes on a nice 30 minute rant about his experience over seas. It's completely amazing. Obviously he's under the same restrictions of all the other editors who were along with the trip but he did add this...

There was a "test" at the end of every level asking each of the editors what they liked/disliked. This leads me to believe that Konami is going to use the feedback to further perfect the game.

So as great as the game is now, it's going to be even better at launch...Imagine that

AlterEgo4239d ago

and was again blown away.

Especially the part where he says that there is a cutscene in MGS4 that is by far the best cutscene he's ever seen in videogame history.

I literally paused the podcast to process that line.

RiseOfMonster4239d ago (Edited 4239d ago )

That part caught my ear. I wonder if he was talking about the opener.

And when he said you could gone on roof tops I almost lost it!

dexterwang4239d ago

I never listened to podcasts but I checked it our for MSG4

The info he gave about MGS4 was freaking nice! BUT a couple of other speakers was so annoying cutting him and making conjectures etc etc that I didn't have to hear. Not sure if this is how normal podcasts work but don't think I'd listen to this regularly.

2 person podcasts good, 4 person podcasts is mostly just noise

ForTheFallen4239d ago

Will define the battle of next-gen.

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The story is too old to be commented.