Gamedaily: Universe at War: Earth Assault Review - Despite a few noticeable hitches, this is a war worth waging

Gamedaily writes: "Universe at War: Earth Assault is an RTS that first appeared on the PC. Even on that platform, there were noted problems with the framerate and other technical glitches, but given its three unique factions and global scope, there was still a lot for fans of the genre to enjoy. This 360 port, sadly, still contains a host of the problems found in the original, but given its out-of-the-box weaknesses, it's still a blast to play.

The story, somewhat predictably, revolves around an alien menace known as the Hierarchy bent on conquest of the universe, their latest target being earth. The game begins with you taking charge of America's armed forces as Washington D.C. gets sacked, but two other alien factions are quickly introduced, the Novus and Masari, the former being a legion or robots created by the latter. Each faction has three "heroes," special units with far greater power and a host of awesome abilities. Success usually involves keeping your hero alive, as well as completing whatever objectives the missions require."

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