WorthPlaying: Dark Sector - Review

"I have a hard time writing reviews like this. I've often said that it's easy to review a game that's good, and it's even easier to review a game that's bad, but when a game is somewhere in the middle, like Dark Sector, it presents a whole new set of problems. The game isn't really bad enough to trash, but it's not really good enough to blindly praise, either.

In Dark Sector, you play as Hayden Tenno, a CIA operative working in a dystopic Russia. You're working to clear away a horrible biological weapon that your enemy has created and unleashed on his own people. You also become infected, but there's a silver lining. Your infection makes you sprout an awesome three-bladed boomerang, or 'glaive,' that you can throw to slice your opponents to shreds."

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Hatchetforce4241d ago (Edited 4241d ago )

Two odd things about this article. The seem to like the Multiplayer which is practically non-existent.

Second they talk about respawning enemies. I have yet to find one place in the game where the enemies respawn continuously. Every level I have played that has numerous enemies - such as the large courtyard areas - can be bled dry of opposition if you are patient.

I have yet to see an area that has non stop spawning. There may seem to be a lot of enemies but eventually you will kill them off and then you can explore freely and examine puzzles. The first flaming glave puzzle was like this.

I purchased the ridiculous Army of Two and returned it the next day but the SP portion of this title is actually playable. Something Ao2 can't claim.