BBC: "Be Part Of Our PlayStation 3 Launch Coverage"

BBC are looking for two US and two Japanese gamers who can be part of the BBC News website's PlayStation 3 launch coverage.

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SuperSaiyan44467d ago

This sodding thing isnt even a games console, it doesnt even have any decent games for crying out loud. Xbox 360 is the best platform for gaming period.

12Volt4467d ago (Edited 4467d ago )

and thats why xbox360 and everyone behind it own the market and have the biggest brand loyalty.. and of course are sooo ahead of the competition that arrives a year later... and of course there no sweating the ps3 launch.

because 360 is the best gaming platform period.

Mr Pumblechook4467d ago

Supersaiyan4. you are not being rational.
i understand that you love your 360 - like me.
I understand that you dont care too much for the PS3 - like me.

But why get so angry that the BBC is giving major coverage to the PS3. Afterall, its one of the most important console launches ever.

Do you feel insecure about the positioning of your own console? In the uk, when it comes to football, there are those fans who only support a team who is winning, and swops sides when they are losing. I personally will love my 360 even when the Wii and PS3 outsell it.
Are your loyalties that strong? are you getting angry because you were happy that the 360 was the number 1 next gen console in the market (the only one)

ha ha ha!

satanslilh3lp3r4467d ago

keep ur ps3-hating comments to urself. go talk in 360 news comments, cause no one wants u here

Marty83704467d ago

You Xbots are in denial,You would'nt know a good system if it bit you in the arse.PS3 & Blu-ray go hand in hand.