Xbox Live melts under CoD 4 map pack assault, is OK now

Destructoid reports:

''Microsoft is one of those companies that doesn't seem to be able to find that middle ground that other businesses take for granted. You either love them, or hate them -- there is no in between. Lately, it's been especially hard for the software giant, with negative Xbox 360 news cropping up with increasing frequency.''

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toughNAME4245d ago

"Critical, but in stable condition"


"...It's okay now"

wageslave4245d ago

Even the headline is wrong.

There was never anything wrong with Live, the problem was with super slow and time-outs on the purchasing in Marketplace.

Not "Xbox LIVE melts".

Carbon4245d ago

Sony's online is free and what!!! It works like a charm...

kevoncox4245d ago

Her carbon, how is the COD4 map pack on the ps3?
Go and download it and let me know! Having a working PSN doesn't matter if they is nothing to download!!!

Richdad4245d ago

But this COD4 is worth complaining it has got horrible community and it just run and go shooter no ethics. Also its good to see PSn is free but on LIve I can get online gaming even through 256kbps modem for matches where 8-10 players are there.

Sherwood854245d ago

I noticed someone posting something along the lines of " if you pay for it (Xbox live) then it should be a 100% correct with no errors" That statement is one of the most foolish things I have read on this website. I have Xbox live and I do believe it could do with raising its stability levels slightly but it’s a good service.

Everything has issues or glitches, nothing is perfect.

JsonHenry4245d ago

^^ I agree that the PS3s PSN works. But the overall functionality of the PSN is half of what Xboxlive does for you. Everything from messaging, personas, friendslist, achievements (which I dont care for myself), gamerscores, matchmaking/invites... and that is scratching the surface.

But then again the PSN is FREE... which lately has been making me rethink my next 1 year purchase of LIVE. I like Xbox live, but I also like free a whole hell of a lot too.

Nevers4244d ago

That's total falasy. Marketplace was overloaded and required some patience but that's too be expected anytime a huge DLC pack comes up.

I just want IW to work on getting less friggin' LAAG on the non-host side. Ever since the patch it's been pretty dicey. Next time your team is losing 700+ to 300-400, check out which side has 4bars to your 2-3bars. I won't even play ChinaTown anymore if I'm on the lesser connection. .5-1sec of LAAG is too deadly to be acceptable and simply breaks the mp part of this game.

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mariusmal4245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

i've spent the weekend playing the new maps and i always said to my fellow soldiers... "the xbl is gonna melt". and now i couldn't stop chuckling when i saw this news.

power of Green 4245d ago

One or Two posts that are good news for the 360 and in response PS3 fanboys flood the site with anti 360 news as if the people posting positive 360 news are doing it to get one over on the PS3. lol

Harry1904245d ago

you report this as spam.
Find one good reason,not that stupid answer you posted.ONe damn good reason,why this article should not have been approved.Next time,read before reporting.

power of Green 4245d ago

XBL didn't melt Market was not loading.

Please zealot leave it be you troll this type of news because you're a PS3 fanantic.

#2 is following me around lol.

Kazuo Hirai4245d ago

are you like,a retard or something?god,what a looooser

Harry1904245d ago

Wait,i can't figure it out.
Who is the zealot already?

Talk about irony POS.

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InYourMom4245d ago

Didn't this only effect the Marketplace? It wasn't effecting online play at all, at leat for me it didn't.

Meltdown?? Ok, whatever.

Sayai jin4245d ago

Yeah thats true. I posted a comment here about the so called melt down and I got 15 disagrees. I said that XBL was working fine for me all night, cause I played gears for about 5 hours with no problem and no lag. Instant 15 disagrees for stating what I experienced.

This site is getting unbearable. I try to look for gaming news, not this console is crap compared to this, or Sales figure articles, etc. The trolls are breeding like rabbits.

Nevers4244d ago

I've started just going to Joystiq cuz that's where almost all the REAL news on this site comes out of anyway; if you're lucky enough to find any. Most of the sites you get links to off this one are total garbage. Kinda like most of these people's opinions ;P

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