RPGFan: Wild Arms XF Review

RPGFan writes: "The Wild Arms series has never been in the forefront of the RPG consciousness like Final Fantasy has, but it has steadily accumulated a loyal following and made progressive strides throughout the years. The Sony PSP was not initially the go-to console for RPGs, but recently there has been an influx of top quality strategy RPGs for it, such as Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness, Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions, and Jeanne d'Arc to name a few. Strategy RPG fans can now add another title to this growing list: Wild Arms XF (the "XF" is pronounced Crossfire).

There's no justice on the battlefield, only in soldiers' hearts.

Yes, this new installment of Wild Arms is a strategy RPG. This move is not surprising to me. In Wild Arms 4 and 5 for the PlayStation 2, the traditional turn-based battle system was eschewed in favor of the more tactical HEX grid battle system. The HEX system has now evolved into a full on strategy RPG system Where the map tiles are hexagons rather than squares, allowing for characters to have a different range of movement than they would with typical square tiles."

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Skerj4991d ago

Wow, finally a decent XF review. One that captures all the pros and cons of the game no less, it seems the reviewer knew enough about the source material going in and truly LEARNED how to play the game.