Does gaming have a negative impact on your relationship?

From the article:

''The whole gaming in relationships debate varies from person to person and I'm really curious to see what impact his has on different people. What is more important to you, gaming or your partner? Say for example the love of your life requests you to give up gaming altogether for the sake of the relationship, will you do it? You can invite your partner to join you with your gaming hobby but would it really resolve any problems? What if your partner simply hates games? I can imagine MMORPG games being the worst for relationships due to the time consuming factor.''

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bloodred_dragon3850d ago

Well, I'd never give up videogames for my partner, but the thing is, your partner should respect your likes and dislikes. And honestly, all of my partners have been videogame freaks anyways, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

yesah3849d ago

are you a fanboy, of WifeStation 3?

SaiyanFury3849d ago

My wife is a casual gamer and plays her Wii from time to time. I would never give up gaming for a partner. I've been gaming since I was a little guy and that will never change. Of course I give attention to my wife, but she knows what I am and what I do. She doesn't try to impose change on me at all. Hell, I've changed her more than she changes me. She swears more and curses a lot more in general the same as I do and she curses freely when she gets pissed off like I do. She used to be an innocent southern girl. Now she's getting corrupted by a Canadian husband. :D

ukilnme3849d ago

My wife and I game together. Wii Jump In and Play Beyond on a regular basis.

dalibor3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

Iam going to play videogames for as long as i live, hopefully they come out with a game for old people. Like wheelchair racerz haha or a game where the character ages as you progress somehow so i can play them when iam old. Games for life is what i say, does that make me a geek? Heall naw. I still play bball, work, girls think iam cute, i still f*ck lol, go to clubs, travel around the world when i have $ gaming is def. manageable and fun. Gamer for life right here lol add me: dalibor (I hope other people will be gaming when they turn old so i have friends to play wheelchair racerz with online haha) Oh by the way if a woman can't put up with you gaming she doesn't deserve you cuz you have to put up with her sh*t also, you have to respect one another is what i say, you def. have to make time for her & help her out but you still can game.

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The story is too old to be commented.