Browsers Go Head-To-Head.

The top two browsing programs of net users got a big update this month as Microsoft released Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) and Mozilla unleashed Firefox 2.0. Here we take a quick spin through some of the features to be seen in the new versions.

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BIadestarX4467d ago

Since I have to be coding web pages everyday I don't have the luxury as many to be a 1 man browser. I have to use them all and if required write browser specific code. This article is bias since it only only mentions certain things that firefox may do better while NOT mentioning features not even supported by firefox. examples, "Microsoft's IE7 program is the beefier of the two browsers with the download package weighing in at 14.8 megabytes (MB). By contrast Firefox is a svelte 5.4MB.", "Once it is done installing, IE7 demands a re-start before you can use it. Firefox installs without that need.", "However, it seems to take a moment longer than Firefox 2.0 to close tabs when you are done with them.", "Firefox 2.0 seems to do a better job of using the text that webpages use to describe themselves.", "Often in IE7, the only information you get about a webpage you have open but hidden on the bottom taskbar is " http://" - the rest of the title is obscured", "Searching a webpage is still more elegant in Firefox 2.0 than IE7.", "One of the very useful inclusions in Firefox 2.0 is a live spell checker that watches over your metaphorical shoulder as you type text into any field on any webpage. It is possible to add a similar function to IE7 but only via an add-on.", "It will be interesting to see how many people download and install it.", "IE7 occasionally took longer to load a page as it carried out a check to see if it was a phishing site."

And then they say, "Despite these minor differences, Firefox 2.0 and IE7 are now broadly comparable - something that could not be said of IE6 and Firefox. But it will be up to users to choose which one best meets their needs."

Why would anybody after all that even try IE7?
They forgot to mention, "Internet Explorer 7 automatically shrinks text for improved printing , so all webpage content fits on your final printed page. Print options also include adjustable margins, customizable page layouts, removable headers and footers, and changeable print space.", "Page Zoon - Enlarge individual webpages, including both text and graphics, to either focus on specific content or to make content more accessible to those with vision limitations." then again it is cool to be anti-microsoft now in days, so it is ok to make them look bad. I have all major browsers intall in my computer and I can tell you IE7 is not the worst browser as many try to make it seem. I like firefox and I use it a lot, but it is not a perfect browser; the main complain I had about IE6 that made firefox a success is security which is now a thing of the past with IE7. There is lots of functionality only supported by IE that's not available for firefox, though many argue that this does not matter or is because microsoft not following the W3C standards; it is good to know that pretty much everything that works for on firefox works on IE and not the other way arround.
Notice: I am not putting down Firefox, it may very well be the best browser out there, I just don't agree with people say things without any facts to back it up or try to put down a product without knowing much about it.

Watapata4467d ago

From some of the reviews of read, such as that on CNET, Firefox 2 also shrinks text for printing and by and large most features that aren't necessarilly built into Firefox are available through the much MUCH larger add-in library that Firefox has in comparison to IE. In addition, Firefox 2 complies with more standards thatn IE does now. IE tends to use more Microsoft proprietary methods...granted...all of this for the most part is from various reviews I've read. I personally use Linux and so IE7 isn't even an option for me, but even when I used Windows I long ago migrated to Firefox and Opera

BIadestarX4467d ago (Edited 4467d ago )

Well, well, what can you spect from someone that hates microsoft because it is bringing competition (good thing) to their beloved console. Don't bother posting comments your name indicates that whereve you have to say that's from microsoft you has no real value. You are just wasting space. ooops... you can't; only one bubble.

TheXgamerLive4467d ago

chose to show the only semi negative article trying to showcase a few bad things, what a joke, what a joke. A continuing show by dante1's cousin. Keep it up lil man, you continue to bring this site down, what's next? Microsoft calls plumber as pipe bust in washroom? very informative, you are.

I love 1 sided news from a one sided thinker, ya see, this type of little boy on here is why I have 3 bubbles. I get mad b/c a little boy continues to try to post belittleing things about MS or the Xbox 360.

Anyway's, your a joke. It's obvious w/your every post.

good luck w/that whole ps3 thing. Hope it works out for you.

PS3 Ultimate4467d ago

Firefox is better! I am currently running Firefox 2.0 right now!

Deceased4467d ago

I personally like IE7 and Opera better than firefox. I think Opera is the best though.

Watapata4467d ago

Personally, I think IE still has a fair amount of catching up to do to match either Firefox or Opera, and while I like some things about Opera, like the widgets and so on, for the most part they don't really seem to be anything that makes the experience any better for me except for when I'm bored enough to play around with them. Firefox seems to load webpages MUCH faster on average than Opera 9 does, at least right now, and though I haven't used IE7 since the early betas, from what I remember it was comparable to Firefox 1.5 in terms of how fast it would load pages. There is a fairly noticable difference in page load time between Firefox 1.5 and 2. I can tell relatively easilly as I have both installed to different directories on my machine...

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