Alternatives to the iPod Touch

For better of for worse, MP3 player manufacturers are tripping over themselves to add touch-screen navigation to their portable MP3 and video players in an effort to compete with Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch. There are plenty of benefits to using a touch-screen interface instead of traditional button navigation, including increased screen real estate, a cleaner look, and the potential for new ways of manipulating data using dragging, pinching, and swiping gestures. In practice, however, no one does touch-screen media players as well as Apple. In fact, we're already starting to see some spectacular failures.

With the exception of the Cowon D2, all of the MP3 players shown here also include some type of wireless capability to compliment their futuristic touch interfaces. Whether it's the integrated Bluetooth of the Samsung P2, or the full Opera Web browser of the Archos 605 WiFi, these iPod Touch competitors have more to offer than discounted prices and pretty looks.

Samsung YP-P2 (8GB, black)
Slacker Portable Player (8GB/40 stations)
Archos 605 WiFi (30GB)
Cowon Q5W (40GB)
Cowon D2 (4GB, black)

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Kakkoii3850d ago

The person should have put all the sizes that the Archos 605 Wifi comes in.

Archos 605 Wifi comes in 30GB, 80GB, and also a whopping 160GB version.

There is also a 4GB flash memory version with SD slot.

Archos is FTW.

Kholinar3849d ago

All ugly as sin except the Samsung.