1UP's WALL·E preview and Pixar interview

Upon viewing the Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of THQ/Heavy Iron's Wall-E-based action games, the first immediate impression one gets is how good they look. Like, really good. The Wii version surprises, largely because it's considered the most underpowered of the current game consoles; but to see Wall-E running on the system (a title separate from the Xbox 360/PS3 version, built on the strengths of the platform) is to see one of the best-looking games for Wii, period.

The Wii's Wall-E does a lot of neat tricks, using the unique abilities (and relationship) of Wall-E and his companion/love interest, Eve. While the game offers the chance to play as the movie's titular character solo (in which he can transform into a small cube, used mostly in jumping, platform-y segments), and as love-interest Eve solo, it all comes together in the cooperative sections where you play as Wall-E and Eve as a pair.

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