Extreme Gamer: Wild Arms XF Review

Extreme Gamer writes: "Media Vision has been doing a good job keeping the Wild Arms series running since its 1996 debut on the Playstation platform. For me, the Wild Arms series has been one that has faded away from my attention ever since I enjoyed Wild Arms 3 released in 2002. I'm hoping the PSP edition of Wild Arms will give me a jolt to favour the series once again. In the latest release Media Vision has changed up the gameplay while staying faithfully original atmosphere. Wild Arms presents a unique blend of medieval science-fiction action with a Western setting. Like Final Fantasy the world is build from a combination of technology and medieval weaponry that sets the plate with overly dramatized storylines.

The new battle zone in Wild Arms XF takes place like most strategy RPG's, on a map. The twist in Wild Arms XF is that the map is hexagonal based and not a straight square grid. The combat isn't as deeply rooted in strategy as other titles, but it has a lot of customization and a plethora of options to consider before engaging in battle. Initially Wild Arms XF can feel overwhelming with the amount of job classes and associated magic and weapons."

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