IGN: Kazunori Yamauchi Q&A

Say what you like about Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, but there's no disputing that not only is it one of the most visually lush games on the PlayStation 3, it also provides an unsurpassed level of realism in its simulation of flinging the world's most desirable cars around beautifully realised locales. IGN recently caught up with the series' head Kazunori Yamauchi at a press event in London to discuss the future of the game, as well as life for the game's developer Polyphony Digital outside of Gran Turismo.

IGN: Obviously Gran Turismo is the stand-out title in its field on the PlayStation 3, but do you ever look at the competition elsewhere, such as Forza on the Xbox or GTR on PC?

Kazunori Yamauchi: I know there are a lot of titles out there, and some of these do things we haven't done yet. But what we're trying to do is perfect every part of what we have so far, and then move on to the next part which we will perfect, and we're doing this in steps, and we'd like people to look forward to those steps.

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TheExecutive3942d ago

"Where we're at now is only half of what we imagine for the game, and we have the other half to work on. The community feature which you refer to is something which we're working on."

Could you imagine a showroom in HOME? I wonder what they are going to offer.

PirateThom3942d ago

The way I'm thinking is a virtual garage, you and your friend can actually walk up to the cars, select to use them, set number of laps and track on your virtual PSP and launch directly into a game from Home.

jromao3942d ago

This is awsome, Kazunri ends enterview with this;

"....As for F1, of course we've always wanted to add more F1 cars, and to make an F1 game, but we haven't made any movement to acquiring the license, so there's no set timeline for it yet, but it's something we're looking at."

What can we ask more ?