Men In Black Announced for Blu-ray is reporting Sony will announce on Monday that Men In Black Blu-ray will utilize BD-Live to deliver a trivia game with online multiplayer for up to 8 players. Is this the start of something?

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Orange Juice3846d ago

Count me in for that. It will be fun for a short while until the trivia questions run dry, thats an awesome idea none the less. MIB will be a good bluray.

Nitrowolf23846d ago

i wonder if they will start realeasing PS3 demo on BD movie disc, i rember having a dvd with a demo but it was for 360

PirateThom3846d ago

Maybe if it's related, a Silent Hill or Resident Evil movie perhaps could have an timed exclusive demo download over BD-Live.

xaphanze3846d ago

When will I see LOTR in blue ray?

resistance1003846d ago

Probally Christmas, theres already been leaked screens of the blu-ray version of LOTR.

Still on topic - Count me in for MIB blu-ray, my DVD copy kind of got chewed by the dog =/

yanikins1113846d ago

"here come the men in black"