Star Wars buffs beware! You'll need a XBOX 360 soon

Last Thursday, this geek braved the treacherous weather and rushed back to Singapore from Kuala Lumpur in an excruciating drive that took me almost 6 hours because of the terrible weather, accidents, and traffic jams!

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DailyAddict3848d ago

I approved this story only because I think the Star Wars game is going to be epic, but this is pretty sad day for this guy. Basically, after being wined and dined by Microsoft, he jumped on the bandwagon. Every game on that list except for Ninja Gaiden 2 is also available on every other console, including Star Wars, so I'm not sure why you need a 360 to play Star Wars. But, I guess that's why this is just a blog.

ruibing3848d ago

Yeah, its a very misleading title. I thought it was going to be about some upcoming Star Wars 360 exclusive.

Ghoul3848d ago

especially since lucas arts focus its dev on the ps3 and not the 360

so expect starwars adn indi to be superior on the ps3

the only need for a 360 is gow2 and fable2

INehalemEXI3848d ago

Lol the force unleashed is coming out on almost every system hehe.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 43848d ago

'The Force is not strong with this Geek' ;-D

wow4u3848d ago

You know all those MGS4 previews from last week?

Those were invite-only junket to Japan to see the game. How is this any different?

Silellak3848d ago

I'm surprised it took 11 posts for someone to make a RRoD comment.

The Open Zone is over there, friend. Your console war crap isn't welcome here.

shine13963848d ago

mgs4 is ps3 for console star wars isn't in the same league as mgs4 etc..tbh you're arguing a mute point...nobody above are talking about what you;re talking about...they're talking about title being misleading etc...

Mainman3848d ago

@ n4user1

The reporters were invited to Japan to play MGS4, and to give feedback on how to improve the game. Also it gave journalists to write preview's about the game.

Panthers3848d ago

This whole story belongs in the open zone

Fallen_Angel3848d ago

Wow starting to think this is a ps3 fanboy only site. However the title is very misleading but its obvious this person doesnt know much about gaming or he'd know Star wars is coming to the ps3 also.

What I fond interesting is that this is a non gamer and seems to think games like GTA , GH3 and star wars are only on the 360. could that be thinking of the causal non gamer now ?

sonarus3848d ago

i find it funny when someone calls out fanboys but when their comments seem to have the slightest touch of fanboyism.

Anyways title is misleading, seems ps3 fanboys have become more vocal but the 360 guys are still here too. No one thinks guitar hero is just for the 360, this guy was just treated to a good time by microsoft so he just felt like a$$ kissing a bit so maybe he can get more later.

wow4u3848d ago


You're right. This site is over-run. You only need to pay attention to what gets approved. Blogs (wordpress, blorge and such) that say the most ridiculous things against Xbox 360 (or unrelated anti-MS news) gets approved.

Look at this:

From blorg "Microsoft abuses Xbox 360 victims more than new customers"

From about HD-DVD "All That Could have Been":

From blorg "Microsoft abuses Xbox 360 victims more than new customers":

Those are what is on the page today. Its ridiculous.

If you goto those pages, you'll find the usual gang of PS3 owners screaming there too. N4G is a failed site, I only come here because I like to argue, its worthless as a Gamer's site.

Martini3848d ago

The article is right, everyone knows that the multiplatform games are better on the 360, so yeah if you want to play it without watching a slide show then you need a 360. ☺

Ghoul3848d ago

funny i get the disagrees

what i said wasnt fanboyism its the truth
lucas arts develops on the ps3 and ports down the the xbox360

that way we seen many multiplats beeing superior on the ps3 lately

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zakupilot2563848d ago

yea it is on ps3 aswell, i guess a its easy to bribe tawianese bloggers.

Mr Playboy3848d ago

the only thing is dead is your brain harry

on topic

everybody need one, thanx god I already have one

JasonPC360PS3Wii3848d ago

Then what is the PS3? because it's behind.

Dead, are the brain cells in your head from sniffing the paint you used to paint you PS3 white because you realy wanted a 360.

mistertwoturbo3848d ago

Too bad he's going to miss Metal Gear Solid 4. Then again, a star wars fan won't be interested in that anyway.