GameFly's Trade-In Program Threatens to Crash Gamestop's Party

Will GameFly's new trade-in program finally break Gamestop's near monopoly on the pre-owned gaming market?

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Erasmus4245d ago

I stopped trading in my games awhile ago, its just not worth the pittance they give you for them.

cain1414245d ago

Yeah it crazy for you to be trading in a game on release and only get like 40% of its value...

yesah4244d ago

lol gamestop wanted to give me 50 cents for a two year old game.

(in respects to the article),.......Thank....God.. ...

dragunrising4244d ago

Ebay/ have been crashing Gamestop's party for a while now. Why get a quarter of the retail value for a game (Gamestop) when you can get at least half (eBay)? Any business trying to enter the used game market is trying to be the middleman. In doing so, you lose a good amount of money. Post your stuff on and you will thank me for it.

crazy250004245d ago

Now I will have to consider getting an account with Gamefly. Im really sick of GS

IntelligentAj4245d ago

If you do some research on the net you will see some bad experiences of Gamefly but let me tell you it's a great service!!!I've already played and mailed back at least 20 games in the 3 months since i've had it. It's not as fast as netflix with it's 1 day turnaround but I often get my games 3-4 days after I put it in the mail. And if your post office has a fast track center it's normally 2 days. I would highly recommend this if there are some games you haven't played but want to.

mistertwoturbo4245d ago

overall Gamefly is a good service, but it's ridiculous sometimes with popular games. Takes weeks to get them. Heck, even the un popular games are hard to get. I would cancel it already if it wasn't the fact that once I do get the game, it's 10% off the already lower price which is usually $40 for a new game. And most of the time, the games are in great condition, heck some of them look spic and span new. So $35 for a brand new game isn't bad at all.

I'd recommend it.

TheExecutive4245d ago

I have never had a problem getting the games as soon as the come out. If you have the games in your que pre-release you should get it 3-5 days after its release. Its a great service and has saved me tons of money.

aubradley4245d ago

@mistertwoturbo: Hopefully with the new trade-in program they'll be able to get more newly released games in stock and push them out to subscribers quicker. May be a pipe dream, but it sure couldn't hurt.

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Suki034245d ago

The only thing worth it from gamefly is buying the more recent games. I bought COD4 and Lost odyssey from them when they just came out so they were essentially new. I ended up paying around $45 for each, which is about $15 off. Now that it's been a year since I joined, I will get 10% off all games plus an additional $5 off every 3 months, so games will probably be around $40 for the new ones.

Trade in are a real rip-off even from gamefly. They are a little better than gamestop but craigslist is way better.

KidMakeshift4244d ago

I do the same thing. It rocks

thewhoopimen4245d ago

I use GameRush/Blockbuster for trade-ins. They took my unreal Tournament III, and Army of two for both $36/game and offered $36 for COD4.

yesah4244d ago

ahhhh ut3? thats a really good game.

The Lazy One4245d ago

I don't see how this is bad for anyone. Lower prices on used games, and higher prices for returns. Super bonuse. Even if you wouldn't use gamefly, it'll still make Gamestop adjust prices to be more competitive.

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The story is too old to be commented.