The History and Future of Grand Theft Auto

PSBeyond has compiled an interesting history of Grand Theft Auto, from its humble roots on the original PlayStation, to practically the most important series in gaming.

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Breakfast4236d ago

A game that thought IN-side the box....that is the sandbox.

Mr_Kuwabara4236d ago

I remember when I first played the original one for the PSX. I didn't like it that much compared to when I first held my hands on the PS2 GTA3 but it was quite unique in its time.

ThatArtGuy4236d ago

The Grand Theft Auto series is what brought videogames to the mainstream. It’s a bold claim, albeit one that’s undeniably true.

Uhh... and here I thought it was Pac-Man. He was on the cover of Time, a much bigger magazine than The Face.

Breakfast4236d ago

"The Grand Theft Auto series is what brought videogames to the mainstream. It’s a bold claim, albeit one that’s undeniably true."

How bout Mario...everyone knows Mario.

Doesnt everyone knowing Mario make the series mainstream?
Maybe you're looking at it in a diffrent light than i am.

meepmoopmeep4236d ago

gta didn't put gaming in the mainstream.. it brought controversy to gaming to the mainstream... mario would be the first one to bring it to the mainstream.

UnDone144236d ago (Edited 4236d ago )

I can still remember playing GTA, GTA2 and London edition on PS1. I loved those games! Funny thing is, that my brother saw potential but wasn't interested in them. He said "They should make them in 3-D." This was way before GTA 3 was even announced.

Enter 2001. GTA3 was announced at E3...but mostly everyone was anticipating Devil May Cry, Metal Gear Solid 2 and Final Fantasy 10. I was one of those people that were waiting for those 3 AAA games. My brother on the other hand, couldn't wait for GTA 3. He knew it was going to be big and after playing it for the first time the Friday it came out...I knew that it would be one of the biggest and best games of all time. Truly a classic game.

I love the GTA series and will continue to support it. Why? Because Rockstar ALWAYS deliver! I've never been disappointed with any GTA game so far.

tordavis4236d ago

GTA started on the PC not the Playstation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SonySoldiers4236d ago (Edited 4236d ago )

The first title in the GTA series was released for DOS, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation in 1997/1998, but you have to pick Playstation first because it's our GOD. Deal with it!!! Please don't try to reveal something not important to PS Fans on this site. Playstation is only worth of conversation. PERIOD.

yesah4235d ago

yes but Playstation helped make it into what it is today. It took off on the Playstation.

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