RPGamer: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Review

RPGamer writes: "Just over ten years ago, the most popular Final Fantasy title to-date was released in North America: Final Fantasy VII. Its success has yet to be matched. So much so that Square Enix created a foursome of spin-offs around this single title. The first was the mobile game, Before Crisis, followed by the movie, Advent Children, then the PlayStation 2 title, Dirge of Cerberus, and finally the PSP game, Crisis Core. These titles have been tied together under the name Compilation of Final Fantasy VII.

Crisis Core focuses on a member of SOLDIER, Zack Fair, briefly mentioned in the original story. Crisis Core's story takes place a few years before the timeline of Final Fantasy VII. Before this game, there was very little known about Zack Fair and what was mentioned was unclear due to the game's questionable translation. Crisis Core offers the first chance to truly understand some of the events of Final Fantasy VII, but that shouldn't be the only reason to play it. Crisis Core has its own unique, interesting story, but if someone needs more incentive to explore this story, it includes what happened to create everyone's favorite villain, Sephiroth."

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