TVG: Buzz! Quiz TV Preview

TVG writes: "Buzz makes his debut on Sony's PS3, but does his spiffy red suit and quiff hairstyle ensemble still cut it...

We want to get this off our chests straight away because, to be honest, it's been eating us alive. It appears that Jason Donovan's voicing of the series' quiff haired host is no more. After only a few moments of play on Buzz! Quiz TV, we could instantly tell that the smarmy put-downs of this host were a little too well varnished for Mr. Donovan, and his absence from the game's credits only confirmed this. It was truly tragic.

That heart breaking revelation aside, we can say with a good degree of confidence that Buzz! should remain atop the games quiz mountain with this latest addition to the series. Why? Well, there's online play included for the first time, featuring downloadable user generated content as well; the game offers five different categories (while previous versions have often specialised in one, such as Buzz! The Music Quiz) with 5,000 questions altogether; finally, it retains the same Buzz! touches that we've known and loved the series for over the years. This includes Buzz's mockery of poorly scoring contestants, and the blood boiling competitiveness that the game can pull out of even the most reserved players."

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