Get a Little Gore from Your PSP with God of War: Chains of Olympus

The God of War games are some of the best action titles on the market. Squarely aimed at a Mature audience, the adventures of Kratos, the Ghost of Sparta, are gory and brutal. Whether he's tearing the wings from a harpy or ripping the head off a gorgon, Kratos is one bad shut-yo-mouth. I've always thought of God of War as what would happen if Conan and Clash of the Titans had a baby. Chains of Olympus, developed specifically for the PSP, is a worthy successor to the God of War title. This is a title that really shows how powerful Sony's little handheld is.

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decapitator3850d ago

Little ? erm, Bloodiest game on the entire system.

Amanosenpai3850d ago

Agree. It seems that banging out some troll and cyclops heads is not enought for this guys lol.