'Final Fantasy VII' makes the most of PSP

Typically, the hero battles the bad guys, emerging alive and victorious in a world purged of malevolence incarnate.

But in "Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII," which leads up to the events of the much-beloved "Final Fantasy VII," we already know the tragic fate that awaits SOLDIER 1st Class Zack.

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Massacre3850d ago

Anyone know a quick easy way to level up you character instead of the DMW?

Marceles3850d ago

This is later in the game, but you can equip materia to increase the chances of you getting a specific there's an Octoslash materia, Materia Shots, etc....I just attach the Lucky Stars materia (Cissnei) and your Limit meter goes into Heavenly and really increases your chances of leveling up your materia and Zack. I also agree with the side missions.

decapitator3850d ago

I dont think there is a way out, is either you are lucky or you aren't.

cloud3603850d ago

how do i get back to the open zone

decapitator3850d ago

Appeal to the mods and see what they do.

Reibooi3850d ago

when it comes to lvling up the DMW isn't random once you get enough EXP the system will automatically kick in and give you a 777 and lvl you up. Just do some side missions that are listed as Hard and you will lvl up a bit.

Ngai3850d ago (Edited 3850d ago )

update- Like he said.

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