Gears of War shipping early?

Epic's Xbox 360 exclusive Gears of War is finished and should ship to US retailers on 7th November. "Waaaait-a-second," you say, "wasn't it down for the 12th?"

Well, the 12th is Emergence Day, Microsoft has been explaining, when it will be staging all sorts of celebratory events, but in actual fact the game ought to be on the shelves of some retailers as soon as the 8th, which is handy.

It's due out in Europe on the 17th - and it'll be interesting to see whether retailers break the street date, as sometimes happen in these situations.

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ThaTeflonDon4470d ago

Is it just me or am I the only one that always thought it was shipping on the Nov 7th anyway? I thought the 12th was always for the UK or other places.

USMChardcharger4469d ago

No it is not just you. i have had it, along with COD3 and FEAR(now shipping eairler), for NOV 7th for awhile now.

i just thought that was the date, in its new release section, has had that date listed for some time now.

shortyNZ4470d ago

dunno but in New Zealand i think it was meant to come out on the 24th, if its early thats great cos i got the collectors edition pre ordered for my partners birthday! bring it!

bohemian 234470d ago

But I heard if you pre ordered from EB or Gamestop that you may be able to get it on the 7th but I don't know for sure.

SPAWN4469d ago

Sometimes EB games and Gamestop gets their games on the advertised ship date. And when they do, we all get our games earlier than expected! This news about GOW shipping on the 7th is old news to anyone browsing EB games website.

Captain Tuttle4469d ago

I pre-ordered mine and will pick it up on the 8th. Just checked with my Gamestop guy. (Philly suburbs)

THAMMER14469d ago

This game is going to rock the video game culture like the Doom and Mortal Kombat franchises.

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The story is too old to be commented.