Downloading legally in a criminal world

The soundtracks from the "Grand Theft Auto" games have long been lauded as super-extra-hipster-awesome. But if you've ever heard a catchy tune and then tried to find it online, you know how time-consuming that can be.

Last week, Amazon and Rockstar announced a partnership that makes it easier for gamers to buy music they hear in "Grand Theft Auto IV," which launches on April 29. Rockstar wants fans to be able to own the hard-to-find and vintage tracks they feature in their games. And Amazon? Well, they want to lure people to their fledgling music service.

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TriggerHappy3873d ago

Everything about this game screens "BIG"..cant wait.

Breakfast3873d ago

Taking the gaming genre into a new direction AGAIN, hopefully. Not in terms of gameplay, but in terms of features.

Jamegohanssj53873d ago

It's a win win situation for both sides; however, I have my sources in finding the "Hard to find" music.

The Genius has spoken.

TheBarExam_23873d ago

WoW...More games should put this but use things other than music..Like in game clothes can be purchased online in the form of a real life shirt or something...Just a thought.

krauler3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

How long before someone takes that list of songs from Amazon and makes an imix on the the iTunes store?
F*** Amazon, they still profit off of the sales of dog fighting books and magazines.