100 Reasons to own a PSP console - Part 2

From the article:

''This is a follow up to the article 100 Reasons to own a PSP.

Well since the previous article seemed to have caused some confusion I decided to clear things up a bit. ''

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Hellgiver3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

While I am completely alright with his list of 100, since reaching that goal without mentioning homebrew or CFW, it sounds like he doesn't believe the people who said that you need CFW to achieve 333 mhz on your PSP. He didn't address it after saying "Where on earth do you people hear these things?" That part was originally true. Sony reduced the default clock speed to 222 mhz to keep up with the DS battery, and you do need CFW to change your clock speed manually (which can be done via recovery menu, CWCheat, or an emulator). Regardless, try changing your clock speed to 333 and you'll see the decrease in battery power. Sony DID unlock it in 3.50, so new games may have access to it, but older games run on default at 222 mhz.

Other than that, I'm okay with everything he mentioned. Being able to see the clock on the PSP is nice, since I sometimes play it while waiting on someone in my car (which needs to be on to see the clock) or I'll be in the tub or someplace I have no idea where the clock is. For trying to achieve 100 reasons, it is okay to throw that in.

DailyAddict3943d ago

Never realized the PSP was a console. Always thought it was a handheld myself. You know...because you hold it in your hands.

Dobbie3942d ago

Thanks for the observation u lame f*ck -_-