Kid-focused Gran Turismo for Boys could become GT5 feature

It's been over three years since we first sighed 'awwwe' to Polyphony Digital's plans to develop a kindly, gentler racing simulation with the kid-friendly Gran Turismo for Boys. Now series mastermind Kazunori Yamauchi has come forward about the project, and in a recent CVG interview commented that Gran Turismo for Boys is still coming, though perhaps as an included feature in Gran Turismo 5 rather than a standalone game.

Gran Turismo for Boys was first revealed in November 2004 by Yamauchi as a way to hook preteens on cars, sort of like candy cigarettes, but since then there's been little said about the effort beyond the occasional footnote to let the world know that the project hadn't been run over. Tykes shouldn't get too excited yet, however, as Yamauchi admits that his team is currently spinning wheels working on GT5, and have little time to spend on side projects. Still, with the game's release about a year off maybe he'll find time to include the child dedicated feature -- and keep us from throwing a tantrum.

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sonarus4238d ago

nice for kids assuming they have a wheel to play with. That is the only way i really see a child engaging in the game

Hulligan854238d ago

Isn't this "GT for boys" already in the game?

And by that, i mean Standard Physics + all aids on...