PSBeyond's Haze Preview with Exclusive Director Q&A

PSBeyond catch up with Haze's Director, Creative Director and Screenwriter for a preview and Q&A.

They write: Other than Metal Gear Solid 4, Haze is undeniably the PS3's biggest forthcoming exclusive. With its confirmed release date nearing, it's one of the many PS3 games to get people talking right now, joining the likes of Grand Theft Auto IV in the ranks. Why? In short, Haze looks absolutely amazing. We say it looks amazing, and visually it does, but the graphical side of Free Radical's upcoming shooter isn't the only cause for shouting from the rooftops. It's the narrative what we're truly excited about. The cynical amongst you will assume all that's on display here is standard futuristic war fare, but there's a lot more to it than that...

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Palodios4237d ago (Edited 4237d ago )

The director claims Haze is bigger than GT5:P ? Wow, bold words.

pangitkqb4237d ago

I'm not a Metal Gear Solid fan or Grand theft auto, so I won't be picking either of those titles up. Thank god Haze is there to tide me over until Resistance 2, Motorstorm 2, Killzone 2, and Little Big Planet hit the shelves.

Haze has really developed nicely and I am intrigued by its story, especially now that they are revealing that there is some kine or moral secret embeded in the storyline. The visuals look above average from what I have seen and the delays in release seem to have really boosted the developers confidence that they have created a standout title. Tip of the hat to free radical.

Also, 4 player co-op, online or a single system, without mid-game loading is a freakin' noteworthy accomplishment.

THC CELL4237d ago

Quote: It’s more challenging than ever before, but the power is greater than anything else that’s out there.

OoLegendoO4237d ago

Yes, Haze definitely looks very good. I will be getting GTA, HAZE and then MGS. I am looking forward to the coop Mode of Haze, CooP Games rock.

perils4237d ago

i agree i think the multiplayer co-op looks awesome.The campaign itself looks like real fun. i hope the transition between being a mantel soldier to a rebel isnt too jarring tho i.e. i hope that you dont get so used to being a mantel guy that it feels weird suddenly being a promise hand guy...on the other hand it may be cool suddenly being the underdog having to fight for his life. i think the contrasting styles of the mantel soldiers and the promise hand could lend themselves well to some very interesting multiplayer modes.

[email protected]4237d ago

I want this game no matter what ^__^. Must buy 4 me.

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