Exclusive new MGS4 screenshots got their hands on some exclusive Metal Gear Solid 4 screenshots. Check the link to see for yourself!

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Amanosenpai4479d ago (Edited 4479d ago )

This screenshots are from the april fools day video from Kojima and Ubisoft, and they look impressive better in movement... Here is a link to the related video.

Storm234479d ago

No, they are definitely impressive. What gets me about this game is how we have only seen this setting of the game. There are going to be so many surprises coming our way by way of different environments, story, twists, characters, etc... June 12th is taking forever!!!!!!!

wass0074479d ago

Lots Of MGS4 news 2day!!! :D

mijkil4479d ago

Wow, Im really starting to feel dissapointed with MGS4 - it looks closer to a ps2 game than the next-gen experience we where promised.

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TheExecutive4479d ago

ps2? have you ever played a ps2?

ngg123454479d ago

Then almost every next gen game looks terrible. This is probably the worst troll attempt ever. Have you ever played a next gen game? Because none look as good as this.

SUP3R4479d ago

You boys are really trying to outdo each other with these extremely stupid comments.
MGS4 looks like a PS2 game? Even a retarded monkey can come up with a better diss than that.

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jkhan4479d ago

I keep asking myself why does this game looks more appealing to eye then any other game. Sure gears of war had a gritty look, uncharted had a great, clean look. The character models in both games were good, so were the good in Killzone 2. But what makes this game look soo good. One reason I guess is that this game uses high-res textures through and through. But then uncharted and gears had that too. I think it looks more appealing because A). the atmosphere, I mean it really gives you the sense of you being in a war torn country. B). if you notice all the NPC's are unique, I mean you will see different looking guerrillas, that really give you a distinct feel.

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The story is too old to be commented.