Dual Shock 3: Sony Doesn't Care About Europeans?

Japan is enjoying it already. US will have fun with it probably next week. And what about us, Europeans? Sony "doesn't know".

Indeed, we're talking about the new Dual Shock 3 controllers for the PS3 that are coming, but when it will arrive in Europe seems to be a total mystery.

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decapitator4238d ago

Why is it so hard to launch things in Europe than it is in the rest of the world ? I mean, this is not a game which requires a variation of language localization and things, so whats the deal?

sonarus4238d ago

my guess would be SCEE holding out and trying to clear out six axis inventory so they can start doing DS3 bundles

decapitator4238d ago (Edited 4238d ago )

Yeah could be. But why don't they just simply bundle all the left over sixaxis in bundles and then start selling the DS3 already ?

By the way, this is coming from someone in the USofA

HighDefinition4238d ago

Sony Loves Europe. Europe Loves Sony.

Every relationship has problems.

sonarus4238d ago

lol prob didn't bundle because there is more money to be made by selling off as many six axis as possible first maybe. Also EU six axis demand may not be as high as NA but hopefully they get them in before mgs4.

decapitator4238d ago

Yeah but most of them will still end of on Ebay though ?

sonarus4238d ago

yea but how many people would be buying them? I think once six axis starts to dissapear, DS3 price will drop to 49.99 and sony will act like the sixaxis never existed.

Amanosenpai4238d ago (Edited 4238d ago )

Oh come on, nothing personal, but man stop your crying please.

Why is it so hard to launch things in Europe than it is in the rest of the WORLD ? ohh yes "the rest of the world" Many Latin American countries like Mexico dont even have a freaking store, yep officially we cannot download any content ($), we need to search find out a fake direction and make a try with an international card... and this not always work. We dont have DualShock 3 and games are not officially launched here. In some south american countries the PS3 is not even launched yet ¬_¬... for REAL...

Come on Europeans, there is importation, really cheap IMPORTATION.

Playstation 3: Sony Doesn't Care About LatinAmerica, one of the greatest emerging markets in video games industry? (no related news guess)

decapitator4238d ago not crying man. Am just saying. I dont even live in the EU, am in the states.

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Vip3r4238d ago

Europe really does get shafted by Sony. Release the controllers over here ffs.

TheExecutive4238d ago

well in all fairness Europe has GT:5P before the States...

decapitator4238d ago

One of the very few times....

Vip3r4238d ago (Edited 4238d ago )

Wow 1 game.

The US have got just about every other game either before or at the same time as the EU so 1 game (or demo) doesn't really count tbh considering Europe is Sony's biggest market.

TheExecutive4238d ago

Sheesh... I am not disagreeing with you that it is kinda rare but it still doesnt change the fact that you ladies and gents got it before the states.

Chuck Norris4238d ago

Just import the damn thing. However, I agree that Sony needs to treat its European customers better.

Fishy Fingers4238d ago

Import, ebay, whatever. There's plenty of ways to get your hands on one now. Rest assured I wont be waiting for Sony to get their act together. I want Rumble for GTA.

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The story is too old to be commented.