Sony VS Nintendo: The Acquisition of Atlus "The purpose of this article is not to discuss Atlus' financial hardships in detail, but to discuss some of the happenings I have seen arise in the midst of it all – the always unavoidable debate between fandoms concerning who should acquire the studio and their assets. Of course the fan bases in question belong to two of the gaming world’s greatest giants – Nintendo and Sony."

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porkChop2615d ago

I really couldn't see Nintendo doing Atlus justice. Atlus is a risk taker, and Nintendo for the most part is the complete opposite. Nintendo takes risks with its consoles and controllers, but with its games Nintendo almost always plays things way too safe.

Sony is much more in-line with Atlus. Sony takes risks. They invest in experimental ideas and they give developers a lot of freedom to try new things.

I'd really prefer if Atlus were bought by another holding company. But if it had to be between these 2, I would definitely go with Sony.

jc485732615d ago

I couldn't have said it better.

Kingthrash3602615d ago

well said would be more fitting.....but a 3rd party buying would be best for gamers and atlus.... let the prayers begin.

LOL_WUT2615d ago

Nintendo should buy them! If they don't i'm afraid they'll never get out of that mess they're in, but knowing Iwata it'll never happen... ;)

pompombrum2615d ago

Sony Sony Sony.. why? Because I don't want to have to buy a Wii U nor do I want watered down graphics for my next gen games. Not trying to troll Nintendo fans but just how I see it.

ZodTheRipper2615d ago

Sony could really use a good exclusive RPG developer, that's what they're missing atm. Just look at Demon's Souls, 3D Dot Heroes, Catherine or now Dragon's Crown. Such unique titles could come to PS4 regularly if Sony aquired Atlus.

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showtimefolks2615d ago

porkchop i don't think anyone could say it any better


metaltales492615d ago

will not necessarily Nintendo may have play thing safe in the the past be they also have worked with Atlus and other developers in the past too to make games that you wouldn't normally see on Nintendo Suda 51 with No More Heros or Platinum games with Bayonetta 2 or more recently Shin Megami Tensei 4 but I do see your point with Sony and giving the freedoms to try new thing but if Nintendo was willing to do that too I wouldn't have a problem with Atlus being bought by Nintendo.

ibroman2615d ago

But what if atlus becomes the next rare? At least i know Nintendo makes use of all their companies and producers and plus it's not Nintendo's choice about if atlus wants to take risks tho i think nintendo would be best suited imho.

jc485732614d ago

think about it, Atlus publishes all their games in the US. If you let Nintendo buy them, then they become the new publishers. This means that most of Atlus games are going to end up in Japan. Fire Emblem is a good example because not all of them were localized.

MrMister2614d ago

It's entirely possible since Persona4 is one of Yoshida's favorite games of all time (he said Chie is his fave character too). Plus "Aniplex" (a company owned by Sony Computer Entertainment) produces and distributes Persona 4 The Animation and the upcoming Persona 3 movies (which will be in multiple installments)

So Sony certainly has a foot in the door. All that talk about Nintendo buying Atlus is cute. There isn't a shread of evidence. Just a phony article. Besides Nintendo banned "The Binding of Isaac" for religious offensiveness. I don't think games like Catherine or games where u fight against Yahweh/God will sit well with them (assuming Nintendo wanted to buy Atlus like all these fake articles claim).

Killzoner992614d ago

You nailed it. Sony's lost too many legendary developers this gen. They need to reload the chamber so they can blow are minds. I could only imagine how amazing a GOW RPG would be by Atlus. Plus we can steal Fire Emblem from Nintendo which would be a huge F.U.

Reverie2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

Sure, because expensive cartridges in a CD era, strangely shaped controllers with analogue stick in a d-pad era, proprietary mini dvds in a DVD era, a portable with dual screens, a weak console with motion controls in the HD era, another portable with dual screens and freaking 3D, another weak console in the Full HD era with a freaking screen on its controller! All that isn't taking risks.
Sure N4G, Nintendo never takes risks.

porkChop2613d ago

Did you even bother to read my whole comment? I specifically said that Nintendo takes risks with its hardware, just not with its software.

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Lovable2615d ago

And then MS steals the show lol. I want some twist baby

jc485732615d ago

I don't think MS is interested at all.

FlameHawk2615d ago

Well you don't know that, maybe the will buy Atlus to win over Japan and buying them would get them JRPG exclusives.

pompombrum2615d ago

They've already thrown in the towel in Japan pretty much.

FlameHawk2615d ago

@aiBreeze, then they wouldn't being going too TGS for nothing, they are obviously going to show exclusive JRPGs.

pompombrum2615d ago

^^^ Well seeing how the Xbox One isn't even being released over there this year nor does it have a release date, I think it's safe to say Japan isn't one of Microsoft's priorities.

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supraking9512615d ago

lol you wish. MS doesnt care. Atlus doesnt make FPS games and MS is a joke in Japan. They can try but having FF15 and KH3 on Xbone is the extent MS will go for the jrpg market

JustPlay42615d ago

I don't think ms even knows where Japan is to be honest
maybe they do who knows

Quickstrike2615d ago

There's a law in Japan that states that foreign companies can't own Japanese companies

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ziggurcat2615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

atlus published demon's souls, and 3d dot game heroes. if anyone should buy them, it should be sony.

HammadTheBeast2615d ago

Along with just tons of games on PSP, and a few on Vita.


I seriously hope will acquire atlus instead of nintendo. i just feel that nintendo is in a pretty difficult financial situation at the moment, and acquiring atlus would just be a toxic partnership. nintendo needs not to worry about getting their hands on more devs. instead, what they should be doing is making sure the price point on the wii u draws in more customers.
theres no denying that at this point, releasing a game on nintendo wii u can only promise very limited exposure. not good for atlus.

RTheRebel2615d ago

10BillionPlus+in the bank Nintendo can outbid anyone

Craigatorian2615d ago

Even if they do, I don't think they'd wanna use it considering the only way they're staying afloat right now is because of how much a success the Wii WAS(it's not the primary focus anymore for nintendo) & how successful the 3DS is right now.

AbortMission2615d ago

Nintendo does not have a giant stockpile of cash despite what these fanboys believe Lol. They've wasted millions in developing a current gen console with an overpriced controller. Not to mention that the instability of the stock market coupled with Japan's weak yen (Abenomics) has caused Japanese companies to lose a lot of cash.

bass4g2615d ago

then neither does sony. The difference is that nintendo has only not been profitable for two years in the last thirty and is expanding not contracting. Sony are contracting. That's fact. They're selling off headquaters and consolidating teams. Likelyhood is they're not willing to buy another company right now. Yes they are making a profit now but they're not exactly on good financial terms. Also nintendo don't need huge stockpiles of cash the company is in debt to nintendo. A deal could quite easily be struck whereby nintendo write off the debts for atlus.

savaroth2615d ago

Better Sony or a 3d party than Nintendo. I don't see Persona 5 being a "hit" on the WIIU....

ibroman2615d ago

Obviousely you dont know how many jrpg fans are on Nintendo if Atlus comes to Nintendo and release Persona 5 it will help the wii u alot especialy in Japan. Nintendo is also releasing their own Rpg from Monolithsoft. Imagine Monolith soft partnering with atlus to make a amazing JRPG awesome.

Craigatorian2615d ago

If anything comes out on the Wii U that comes out on the 360/Xb1 or PS3/PS4, I'll always get it on Sony's or Microsoft's

Reverie2613d ago

I can see it being a hit and fanboys raging. Everywhere.

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