Stupid Consumers Try To Stop Sony Sharp TV Deal

How stupid can you get. A bunch of whinging consumers in the USA are now trying to stop Sharp from producing Sony LCD panels. They claim that it will artificially result in higher prices, less innovation and fewer jobs.

It appears that the consumers who are from California have not heard that manufacturers cannot keep up with demand for flat panel screens and that there will be a 10% shortfall in product this year due to demandhe consumers have sued the makers of liquid-crystal-display televisions for alleged price- fixing asked a judge today to block Sharp from entering into a joint-venture agreement with Sony according to Bloomberg.

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decapitator4247d ago

Stupid indeed. It's sometimes really hard to understand what's going on with "some" consumers.

bootsielon4246d ago

You can't really expect much from them

socomnick4246d ago

Dude I got a ps3 boot. Please guys take this in the best way you can but it does not hold a candle to the Xbox 360. My major annoyances with it is psn and the controller. Xbox live is so so so so much better. Boot thats the reason people buy a xbox 360 because of live.

bootsielon4246d ago

there is always the risk of RROD. I bought an Xbox 360 despite the fact that it had the risk and now I'm on my fourth one; I should have listened to the news. I thought "this could never happen to me, I never had any console fail me". Now most of my friends with a 360 have had to send it to a repair center. If people weren't stupid as the article says, Microsoft would have fixed this problem already since Xbox 360 would, or should, have stopped selling.

That's why I now game mostly on my PS3.

socomnick4246d ago

Yea I know rrod is a problem but I only had one and will continue to play with my xbox because its just a better console. Im loyal to any brand I just play where the games are at. Im a gamer If next generation Nintendo makes the best console then my primary gaming console will be nintendos. This generation the console that offers me the most is the Xbox 360 and thats where I will waste most of my money.

jadenkorri4246d ago

well, yeah, granted the 360 will give you your gaming experience, even thou the ps3 will offer the same, and much more in years to come... I know I'll be able to purchase the next gen console when it come out, while people devoted to 360 will have to wait as they bought the 360 so many times they can't afford the next gen console...i ask how many times would you buy a broken console?...i have a friend on their 9th already...9 paid for not refurbished ones...and other friends between 3-6...

Infernus4246d ago

That's been my point for a while now. Everyone says the 360 is selling better, but if one person can buy as many as 9 lol then the actual number of people that own them are far FAR less than the figures say.

What's it at now? About 15mil for the 360 and 10-11mil for the PS3? Something like that anyway...

Divide that 15 by the average number of 360's each owner gets through and you'll get the real number of people that own a working 360, if it's at least 2 360's per person then the 360 sales are lower than the other consoles. Microsoft are including replacement sales because that's the figures they get through, I'm sure they know deep down the failure rate is leading to people buying more than one but they don't care, it means more money.

Socomnick, what're you gonna do in a few months time when MGS4 hits and the exclusives start rolling out? The PS3 is where the games are at this year, Microsoft blew all their hits in 07 trying to get as many buyers as possible before the Sony's sales picked up (Which they have done).

If I were on the fence as to which console to buy the 360 doesn't look like the best console to have at the moment considering the list of PS3 hit exclusives coming out this year, with two huge fan favourites in MGS4 and GT5 leading the pack imo. Prologue selling out in many places in the UK within a week is a sign of things to come, if that's just prologue and many people (like myself) are holding out for the full game the sales will be much greater than that...

dragunrising4246d ago

I sense a little bias...I wonder if you actually had a 360 or are being truthful. I'm on my second...whoa. RROD is a problem magnified by the internet. Just imagine: you get everyone's attention if you say you have a 360, rrod, and more than 3 times. The internet is wonderful for liars and attention whores. Sony Death Force in full effect. Everyone knows that they are trying to take over N4G. Look at the number of stories that aren't approved because they put Sony as a brand in a bad light. I own Playstation products (PlayStation 2, 3, PSP) and recently figured out that it was people like you three that made me miss out on PlayStation originally. Your blind and ignorant assumptions, quotes and idiocy made me associate "Playstation" with the word bigot and douche bag. Good day.

pegger244246d ago

first off, the RROD has no place in a discussion about flat panel TV's and who makes them.

Secondly, Jaden there is no way in hell that you have a "friend" that bought 9 separate 360s. it did not happen. If in fact he purchased 9 360s he is an idiot because he could have just returned it to microsoft for a free one. I don't understand the compulsion to lie about one console or the other. I mean, I had one friend who has gone through 15 playstation 3's, they all broke on him. He also bought 16 wii's and not one of them has worked. But instead of returning them under warranty he just keeps buying them to boost console sale numbers, see how easy that was . . . . f'n idiots, the open zone is -----------> you can have an RROD discussion all day long

jadenkorri4244d ago

I don't own a 360 and never have, so it is possible I am a little biased towards sony, thou i own a wii and love it too...but anyways i was just saying that both consoles are expensive either way, and buying multiple, regardless of the console is really expensive...the way i wrote it after reading it does sound fan boyish a bit, but was not my intension...

Wow relax man, first of all, yes he said it was his 9th xbox360 he was going to buy, 2ndly, i know him well, but we don't hang out, he comes into EB alot and buys and trades in alot of 360 games, so i know him through eb, he stated this was his 9th, he informed me that MS still had 2 of his consoles, and again he had to send another one, he only picked up the core for temp play, it is entirely possible that he will trade that in, if he gets the other one back... meaning that he many not of had 8 360's broke, he may have bought and returned a cpl, i can't confirm this yet nor will i bother anyways...still to my point i only said 9th paid 360 and i really wasn't gonna write the whole story out as this length will explain why..

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TriggerHappy4247d ago

pfff..More stupid consumers. I had to quit my BB job because of them.

jackdoe4247d ago

Lol? Suing over a LUXURY item? Jeez.

jmiscavish4246d ago

This article was almost impossible to read. It's like the author used babelfish to translate it. It's just run-on after run-on after run-on.

The consumers who are from California? You mean the "Californian consumers?"

thedude176554246d ago

it made my eyes bleed, "whinging"? WTF!

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