NZGamer Line Rider Preview

NZGamer writes: "When it first hit the net in 2006, university student Bostjan Cadez's wonderfully stark and addictive web toy Line Rider exemplified the merits of imagination and invention over the pretty pictures, which most next-gen games would come to rely on to shift units. Yes we know they were, and still are, very pretty pictures (in 1080 dpi HD with a frame rate that would make Scott Dixon take his foot off the gas and that 27 millionth shade of ochre that you just can't do without), however Line Rider had something else. Luckily, soon we'll all find out if that something else can be translated to the console when the Wii and DS versions are set for international release."

The Good:
-The same great game with much more

The Bad:
-The simplicity may be lost

The Ugly:
-Having to pay when it used to be free

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