New PS3 Controller Fills Gamers' Wishes

Many Sony PlayStation 3 owners have felt something was missing from their gaming experience on the next-gen gaming console. For all of its advanced graphics and multimedia capabilities, the PlayStation 3 lacked a seemingly basic function.

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Massacre3846d ago

Come to PAPA...DS3 and Warhawk = Awesome.

Violater3846d ago


Picked up another one yesterday at gamestop to go with the white ds3 I already had, figured I would give it some rest.
If you haven't played warhawk with a ds3 you are missing half the experience.

NO_PUDding3846d ago

I really don't get it. I never thoguht "I need rumble". I don't want it even now.

decapitator3846d ago

Feel the same way about it. I am ok with sixaxis, I will get the rumble when it launches. I have been gaming without it and it does not REALLY impact my gaming experience too much.

perils3846d ago

i didnt really miss rumble but now im really looking forward to getting a ds3

heroman7113846d ago

ya, most of the time i dont even pay attention to the rumble but the reason i want it is because the sixaxis controller feels really light and i have a feeling if i squeeze too hard it will break. thats why i want dual shock 3

crck3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

They should have split the sixaxis in 2 like the wiimote or splitfish. Then make only the left side tilt sensitive. That is the biggest flaw with the sixaxis in my opinion. Its tiring and inaccurate having to twist both wrists in one direction while trying to pressing the face buttons. Sure they would have taken some heat from nintendo fans but if they were serious about making the tilt sensing a real feature for future games they needed to do this.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

When I use the SIXAXIS for driving in Warhawk I tilt the whole controller up like a steering wheel. When I'm flying a Warhawk I tilt the controller down so I'm mimicking the plane's stance. The controller is fine it's just how you use it what matters.

As for rumble I'm fine with the controller with no rumble I'd rather have something else to go along with SIXAXIS.

heroman7113846d ago

i personally hat the motion sensing idea. whn i got my ps3 i was so excited bout using it on warhawk. when i got warhawk i found the motion sensing hard to control so i went to analog sticks. when i got my wii i thought it wud be fun and it was ... for 1 day. the other days motion sensing became a hassle and my arm was sore the next day from swinging so hard in wii sports

kingOVsticks3846d ago

but im broke and planning on buying GT 5 p and GTA4 thats a bill right there need another job freekin 55 dollars my good ness

feejo3846d ago

Sony should appologise for being so slow and should give free Dual shock as replacement of old controler.

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The story is too old to be commented.