NZGamer: Final Fantasy XIII Preview - 'The 'centrepiece' of the Fabula Nova Crystallis compilation'

NZGamer writes: "The Final Fantasy series definitely needs no introduction in the gaming world, or even the entertainment world for that matter. Twenty-eight games, three animated productions, two CGI films and various literary adaptations certainly carry plenty of clout, and it would be unjust not to bring this further in to the seventh generation, hence the latest title from Square Enix, Final Fantasy XIII for the Playstation 3."

The Good:
-The footage in trailers looks fantastic

The Bad:
-No release date on the horizon in 2008

The Ugly:
-Lack of information leaving fans in the lurch thus far

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TheExecutive3850d ago

A preview on the trailers? really?

Blackcanary3850d ago

Website go into more detail than this preview does lol.
Guess thats what happens when u do a preview based on a Trailer.

Chuck Norris3850d ago

This goes to show just how big the FF franchise truely is. THEY PREVIEW THE EFFING TRAILERS!

HighDefinition3850d ago

This game is going to be massive when it`s finally unveiled and I have a feeling it`s going to be soon.

Blackcanary3850d ago

I heard they are going to be showing a new trailer at the PS Primer in July. With the Final Fantasy X Team making this game the story and characters are gonna be as loveable as Final Fantasy 7,8,10.