ME Gamers: Army of Two Review

Army of Two, a new IP by EA, is a game unlike any other. The main objectives here, like many other action games, are still based around reaching a certain location or eliminating a specific target. In Army of Two however, cooperation with your partner will definitely stand out. Making good use of your partner is critical here if you are to beat and enjoy playing this game. As a private contracted army you will be traveling across the world from Iraq to Miami solving mysteries, collecting insider information and eliminating targets together. Gladly the game does not just offer a unique online/offline multiplayer experience but also a very solid single player mode.

The multiplayer portion of Ao2 is still what this game is all about. Online or offline you will be communicating and thinking hard with your partner regarding every move and step you take in the game. Selfish gamers will be having a very hard time succeeding here considering the amount of team work and communication needed. Every level and location usually has multiple routes for you and your partner to plan your moves around. You can for example run up a mountain and have the enemy try and follow you, which will in turn open up the way for your partner to easily snipe them all down. The possibilities and scenarios are endless here, and that is exactly what makes Ao2 such an outstanding experience.

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