Boomtown: Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Review

Boomtown writes: "Gran Turismo 5 Prologue looks bloody brilliant in the adverts doesn't it? Crikey look at how detailed Piccadilly is, oh look at those cars, it all seems so real. But the truth is Prologue seems pretty much designed to look fantastic in adverts rather than something you can use with much pleasure in the long term. It's like a big Dyson vacuum cleaner, looks amazingly sci-fi, but then once you've carried it up and down stairs a few times the pleasure palls somewhat.

Take that GT5P London circuit for example. The level of detail in the buildings and lighting is beautiful. Yet at its heart is a particularly rubbish racing ribbon, a stretch of road that offers zero interest for the meagre few seconds it actually takes to get around it. But the first few times you play you'll be too busy looking at the shiny graphics to realise that it's just a bit crap."

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decapitator4238d ago

lol at this review. That's nice to see that this game motivated the reviewers to play Forza 2.

I personally cannot wait for my copy to arrive.

jromao4238d ago

I play euro GT5 Prologue a few times a week and it's true London track isn't what many would like, it's short and very technical to race, only avaialable to a few with patiente during race. Calling BETA or DEMO to Prologue, don't matter, true is the game is awsome in everything except quantity.

This reviewers at Boomtown are filled with envy about GT5 Prologue, something that can't be replicated on their xboxes. They can "fix" it if they release their minds and spend more time in Prologue completing all global and dealer events and we are forced to learn something about mechanics to win some races in Class S events.

I played and complete Forza 2 last summer, and knowing GTR2 on PC, Forza and GT5 Prologue, I can say (not because I like PS3 more than xbox) that Prologue is a racing experience everyone out there should try with HD screen and a Logtitech wheel. If you own only xBox, try to play GT in some friend's PS3.

As Kazunory said, GT5 Prologue is the mouse lab for the final GT5, so we will get deformation and damages this Autumn, more online features, and never forget the CREDITS won on Prologue will be imported by GT5 next year.

NO_PUDding4238d ago

Well, I have to say, unless you play Burnout, there's always that forcefield effect.

And Forza has texture damage. It looks equally awful, Kazunori Yamauchi obviously would like to do damage properly, and it's gonna come to Prologue. And it's Prologue, it's like a beta.

I think for £25 it's bargain! Think there's less cars in Forza, and not many more tracks, and yet you paid full price for that reviewer. Where's you're standards cus I am seeing double.

Cyrus3654238d ago

This reviewer is the first one I've read in which for the most part besides the car has stated that Forza 2 looks better, or is smoother. How when your in 1080p and at 60 frames, at 2X MSAA, is beyond me.

Bazookajoe_834238d ago

"a stretch of road that offers zero interest for the meagre few seconds it actually takes to get around it." Well welcome to racing, i bet he has never driven any motorsport in real life =)

PirateThom4238d ago

The usual awful jazz and 1996's tyre noise."

The sound is fantastic, realistic and unique to each car and every VIEW!

Really not good enough for this mature a franchise."

It's Gran Turismo but improved to every degree, 10/10.

What a silly review.

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The story is too old to be commented.