Microsoft Windows XP Dies June 30, as Planned

Microsoft will shutter its Windows XP line June 30, as planned, ceasing sales of Windows XP Professional and Windows XP Home to retailers and direct OEMs, Microsoft confirmed to eWEEK April 3.

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decapitator4473d ago (Edited 4473d ago )

This could only mean bad news for Microsoft..again.

EDIT: Dammit.

me_p4473d ago

A joke indeed..which missed 1st april

decapitator4473d ago

Yeah man I read it. Either way it is a bad move for Microsoft. Absolutely NOTHING has been going their way this year

Sayai jin4473d ago

Thats the way business goes, they have gotten a few black eyes recently. Windows XP did not do very well for MS when it first launched. Companies have their rough patches. The larger the company the longer they can with stand these times. I would not say nothing has went their way. MS has made very lucrative deals ranging from household appliances to devices in cars. Not everything headed by MS has their logo or name on it. I just looked a new cars in Germany and most had MS O/S in the onboard computers and Navigation, and entertainment. I was suprised at how many MS joint ventures were made the last few years. I have a colleague who despises everything MS, but after some research he found out several of his devices were projects or joint venture of MS.

zen_fart4473d ago

I better rush out and get it before they stop selling this.

Amanosenpai4473d ago

Yea or u can wait till that day to get MAC OS or Linux instead of Vista ^_^

kr90914472d ago

Im planning on doing that as well. I figure i can get a few copies of XP pro and 64bit form Newegg before Microsoft stops selling it :] That should tide me over until we get a taste of Windows 7.

gamesR4fun4472d ago

yay what a joke Vista is hope a lot more folks go to linux and macs now.

From an IT standpoint tho this is gonna be hell I mean if their forced to bump up to vista on commercial accounts... Personally I wouldnt be surprised to see our bigger contracts go to another os. I mean we can keep xp running for a while but with no more updates well have to move up and Vista wont cut it.

Gaara_7244472d ago

so there killing xp and rummer that there killing vista is every where then what there gona go back to windows ME (or 2000)?? coz windows 7 ain't even out of alpha yet i think?? dam i just gave away my vista for an xp lol not that theres a problumb with vista i think is better than xp but my laptop broke stupid hardrive error so i swoped my mum it lol so she has to wait 2 weeks to get it bk from acer lol