The new standard of Fast: NVIDIA's XFX 9800 GTX

If you pulled a random person out of a crowd at your local computer hardware store and asked him or her to name the first fast video card that popped into their head, there is a good chance that their responsive would have the letters 'G', 'T', and 'X' in it. The last big GTX, the 8800 GTX, was a radical product that introduced a new unified shader architecture that ushered in a new era of video card performance.

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decapitator4479d ago

Great review. NVIDIA seems to be pushing really hard recently. Ati has kind of taken the backseat to them.

TheIneffableBob4479d ago

No. NVIDIA aren't pushing hard enough.
The 9800 GTX is basically an 8800 GTS 512.

Tyrael4479d ago

I hear its really worth it to just get the 8800 series, as the 9800 doesn't hold much more

Fux4Bux4479d ago

9800 is not even close to the advancement we should've seen. Really in a lot of ways Nvidia has backtracked on the 8800GTX. Everything new since then is just cheaper more efficient parts. No real new and more powerful series. I guess they're planning something big for a new series though to waste the 9000 series name instead of just going 8900GTX like it should be.