OXM UK: Damnation Preview

OXM UK writes: "Marcus Fenix and Lara Croft meet at a club, get drunk and go home together. Fast forward twenty-odd years and this is the result.

On the PC, the Mod community is a thriving one, but how many times do you hear about a user-mod becoming a fully-fledged console title? For Blue Omega Entertainment, it was the best of both worlds. The story goes that back in 2004, the company came second in an Epic-sponsored competition for an Unreal Engine-powered Mod. Fuelled by the positive feedback from Mark Rein, the developer continued to work crafting what would come to be known as Damnation while seeking a publisher. Enter Codemasters and fast forward to now.

Producer Richard Gilbert and Lead Designer Jacob Mimkoff are showing off a cliff-side cityscape, its impressive size dwarfed by the shadow of a gigantic bridge that connects one side of the valley to the other. Mammoth landmarks are a staple of Damnation. There is no compass, no mini-map. The developer is concentrating on offering the player logical destination points through the layout structure of each level. Here it is forward and up, using rooftops and ledges to clamber towards the destination, while a full arsenal of weaponry on Captain Rouke's back enough to take on the enemy force populating the area."

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