Mac With 150 Apps Running Shows Teeny-Weeny Dock, Exposé Windows

Ever wondered what Mac Dock and Exposé look like with 150 apps running? Well, wonder no more, friend. Wonder no more. Rest assured, however, everything gets ludicrously tiny.

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decapitator3937d ago

Impressive stuff there. Even with 2GB of ram. My computer hangs with just 10 applications opened. Starting internet explorer makes it even worse.

Bonsai12143937d ago

they could be lightweight apps. i doubt he has photoshop, aperture, final cut, etc open. cause that'd destroy his computer...

for me, i never have more than 7 "real" apps open. i have the background stuff like coversutra and quicksilver, and 7 more apps like pages, safari, adium etc. my comp doesn't hang.

i should go download every app from apple's download page.. haha

Pain3937d ago

I luv Mac's lol

Expose rules i usually have like 7-8 pages open + vids or itunes going and when i expose and somebody see's it they freak out like WTF!! did u do!!! lol

kr90913937d ago

I use an old iBook G4 for school and i have to say that it sucks at multitasking. but then again it only has like 512mb ram and an old a$$ processor lol. So i cant really say i have experienced this but i dont doubt that you could doing something like this on a newer Intel mac running 1GB of ram! :] I was looking at getting a Macbook Pro for college...this just made my decision that much easier...looks like im getting a mac.