HIS HD 2600 PRO 'Delivers Remarkable Performance'

Gaming performance will never be the same again thanks to the "remarkable" new HIS Radeon HD 2600 PRO, it has been claimed.

The newly launched graphics card will enhance high-definition (HD) performance within Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system and DirectX 10 applications and includes an easy to use plug-and-play CrossFire upgrade.

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LinuxGuru4479d ago (Edited 4479d ago )

The HD 2600 Pro sucks.

You'd be much more wise to pick up an HIS HD2600 XT with the IceQ cooler....that thing idles at around 34c!

LinuxGuru4479d ago

Or you could splurge the extra few dollars and get the 3870.

gta_cb4479d ago

has anyone else noticed that the story picture is the HD3870 X2 but the story is about the HIS HD 2600 PRO?

TheIneffableBob4479d ago

What a useless article. It gives no specs or performance numbers.
It reads like a press release.

Fux4Bux4479d ago

Wtf this is a freaking ad for a crappy graphics card.