Metal Gear Solid 5 will not be made by Hideo Kojima

In an interview with Hideo Kojima, creator of the series, he was asked if this was the last game in the series and even if he may not be making another one himself, he said he'd produce more spin-off PSP handheld games and hinted that a Metal Gear Solid 5 sequel might be a possibility without him.

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StormSoldier3850d ago

Dont Mean To Say it but it might happend .The xbox story maybe?? ps3 done. possibilty metal gear on xbox 720.
I only had a xbox1 and for like 2 days anyway.Ps3 all the way lets hope...

FreeMonk3850d ago

Kojima has stated the same statement numerous times before.

He said after MGS2 was released that there wouldn't be a MGS3, yet he made it, then said the same about MGS4 after MGS3 arrived, yet MGS4 is around the corner.

I think Kojima will make MGS5 because he won't want anyone messing with his baby. That or there won't be another MGS after 4. We'll see, but Kojima will be behind MGS5 if there ever is one!!

sonarus3850d ago

well as a game developer, you have to expect kojima to want to move on to other games. He prob won't make MGS again till he has gotten a couple of other games out. maybe zone of the enders, snatcher or maybe new ip. unfortunately, i doubt any of those can measure up to mgs

barom3850d ago

I really think this will be his last MGS game as a director. He's wrapping up the story after all and it does seem like they're gonna kill of Solid Snake (which is basically his baby).

DRUDOG3850d ago

Another BS statement from Kojima about this being the end. Strange for him to say that since he "still" wasn't able to completely fulfill his vision for MGS and recently gave his personal stamp of approval with a 1 out of 10.

This will probably be the only MGS on PS3, but with new tech and bigger dreams don't bet against a MGS, with Kojima at the helm, on the PS4 or other future consoles.

deeznuts3849d ago

Freemonk you are correct, but you failed to mention, he's been saying this about MGS5 for over a year! This is old news Kojima's been saying MGS4 is his last one, but that Konami may still be making more on their own.

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Le-mo3850d ago

Doubt it. He may not be the director or producer but he will be apart of it somehow.

TrevorPhillips3850d ago

i swear i knew metal gear solid 4 wasn't gonna be the last part

cLiCK_sLiCK93850d ago

I know KOJIMA isnt dumb enough to drop one of the best franchise ever. The Metal Gear series sold very good. And i doubt KOJIMA isnt making another Meatal Gear.

It may not be Metal Gear Solid, but theres a higher chance its Metal Gear (???).

yesah3849d ago

thats what theyve been saying all along, this is the end of solid snake but not the metal gear universe

(didnt hit Disagre thou)

belal3850d ago

but s it mgs5 or mg5 ?

if it is mgs5 the it means that snake wont die !!!!
he will be young again muhahahahahahahahahahaha

Gazman3850d ago

MGS5?, for the love of god don't let this be another raiden story if it is going to happen.

gameraxis3850d ago

YESSSSS he will be young and so continues another saga until Snake is once again silver fox

heyheyhey3850d ago

this story is a big fat duplicate

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