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World's first GTA IV review "removed at the advice of legal counsel"

Following the posting of what claimed to be the world's first GTA IV review yesterday, all that's now left of the piece is a smoking hole and the rather curt message, "This site has been removed at the advice of legal council," VG247 reports.

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destroyah4863d ago

Yeah because we didn't already know this.

Phil Harrison Mklll4863d ago

I just want to play it really:P
This is getting silly

JsonHenry4863d ago

I have a hard time believing this review was legit when I read it the first time.

sonarus4863d ago

yea the review sounded like a load of crap but rockstar hasn't discredited it...yet

xhi44863d ago (Edited 4863d ago )

then thank god I'm getting the ps3 version.

But who knows if it's fake or real, for all we know the guy could really be Barney the lovable singable purple dinosaur.

for those that couldn't read that review, here you go

Is it real? Decide for yourselves....

@ Below, yeah, honestly, I don't think there will be much difference, except honestly I think Rockstar will (i mean they have been helped by Sony with the optimisation as told by Jermea Barrea VP of Rockstar in PSM3), they'd obviously take advantage of the PS3's SPU's and hard drive, I can definitely see subtle differences like more on screen in the ps3 version and better colour creation, more stable framerate etc. because of all the work the SPU's can do in the background with the hard drive.

But yeah who knows.

EDIT no. 2 - I just finished reading through the 'review', the same applies as I previously mentioned, but 9.3????? You've got to be kidding me, BIOSHOCK got 10's easily, San Andreas got 9.8's, 10's etc. no way GTA IV is getting less than 9.8 in my book. But i haven't played i can't really be the one to say.

ANYWAYY its nearly the 29th only 3 more weeks (YAY) so we'll know all soon........and in a few weeks we'll all (well us lucky few with next gen systems) be looking back and going either oh yeah he was right or oh what a d1ckhead lol


InMyOpinion4863d ago (Edited 4863d ago )

I found it highly doubtful that, as he wrote, the PS3 version would have split-screen modes and the 360 wouldn't, because it couldn't handle it technically. I have read many reports that have stated that the 360 version is one week ahead in development, and that both versions will have the same features. Add to that the fact that almost all previews have been made of the 360 version. The GamesRadar dude who was the first in the world to finish the game did it on the 360.

He could be telling the truth of course, but he wasn't reviewing the final build, which leaves us unknowing of what to expect really.

I'm just saying, I'll be waiting for proper reviews of this game.

NO_PUDding4863d ago

That's not actually true.

For exmaple Geoff Keighley (a major games industry individual) has only seen it running on the PS3. And you don't know for sure that the guy who completed it, completed it on an Xbox.

I assume he did too, but there will have been otehr members of the press, playing it on PS3's for their respective magazines.

And as for the Split screen, Gamestop had this in thier description as only on the PS3 version. Althoguh it's since been changed/corrected. Maybe that's bombshell Microsoft or Rockstar don't want anyone else to know till release or it was a major typo.

InMyOpinion4863d ago

The GamesRadar dude was reviewing the game for Xbox 360 World, so I assumed he was reviewing the 360 version =)

I can't argue with wether Geoff has only played it on the PS3 or not, or what version other magazines have gotten their hands-on so to speak =)

In any case, I don't think color or framerate differences are gonna stop anyone from buying either version.

uie4rhig4863d ago

lol 3 weeks :D 8-) that means it is being shipped to the stores already... its amazing lol <<< Countdown to GTA IV Launch :D

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TheMART4863d ago

That guy has a strange kind of reviewing there:

"I can't conclude one way or the other why the split-screen mode was not available on 360, but I assume by the drop in on-screen objects on the PS3 that the 360 just couldn't handle it. If you own a 360, don't worry. You have Xbox Live…so you're set."

Uhm... He previewed and didn't review, because he was testing not the final version of the game but earlier builds. So he did 'assume' something on top of a preview version.

Sounds like someone was trying to get attention for a website. The battle begins soonish, with real reviews and comparisons coming in. The end of April is almost here...

TheMART4863d ago

If your mind can't understand that's just a strange kind of PS3 fanboylike comment, not reviewing the final version and so on

You should crawl back in that Buttstation 3 hole.

Phil Harrison Mklll4863d ago

The First GTA IV Review

With PS3 & Xbox comparisons:

The PS3 has a more relaxed color pallet, but this gives everything a more realistic look. If you don't like the realistic look, and you have a HDMI connection, you can fiddle with your PS3 display settings and get it looking much more saturated. The textures are just as sharp as the 360 version, and there's little to no pop-in or screen tearing. The PS3 takes longer to load than the 360, but I took several different head counts in game at different locations, and I always found the PS3 to be more populated than the 360. This could be attributed to the dynamic nature of the world, but it's hard to tell. Either way, the difference was never more than five to seven pedestrians or three to four cars—it's not really much of an advantage.

The 360 is bright. Boy is it bright. Based on discussion history, this one will be claimed to look better, but it'll really be preference. The texture quality is the same on both systems, but the 360 has a more cartoon-like look. This isn't a bad thing. It just depends on preference. I'd compare the difference to that of Oblivion on each system. The 360 also suffers from some frame rate drops that are almost non-existent on the PS3. Installing the 360 version on your system's hard drive, however, will bring performance almost up to par with the PS3.

I know, you want details, but all I can confirm is split-screen on PS3 only. I was alone, so I didn't actually get to have any matches, but I could tell that the split-screen worked really well. There was a significant decrease in the amount of traffic and pedestrians, but it didn't ruin anything. This is understandable. Rendering two instances of Liberty City is a chore for any machine. I can't conclude one way or the other why the split-screen mode was not available on 360, but I assume by the drop in on-screen objects on the PS3 that the 360 just couldn't handle it. If you own a 360, don't worry. You have Xbox Live…so you're set.

TheMART4863d ago


It's not a review, but a preview

"This review is based on early previews of the game. It may or may not reflect the final retail version, available 4/29/08."

So enjoy a nonsense written article from God who knows what kind of dork on the net, till the end of April when EDGE, 1UP and whatever trusted source has reviewed and compared it.

I've heard to many games that were said to have the best version on the PS3 weeks before the reviews and then... after the reviews suddenly the PS3 version sucked donkey balls. So don't get your hopes up to high there dude

THC CELL4863d ago

Mart everything u say is a fail why bother u no ps3 has 2008 and 9
I no u have a ps3 cause u no hell of a lot of BS how can u judge something u never played Ya just a d*ck really man
if you go by word of mouth and stupid fanboys like a self u are retarded
i have met so many player in my live that was huge fans of x box and converted to ps3 fans. X box has Nothing Gears 2 fable then what man
We have games Like La noir,Getaway coming
Resistence 2,X box is dead

Whatever Rockster says the RAGE Engine and it Devlopment tools are built in and around the PS3, but background rendering is important in games like GTA and there the PS3 has more processing power so ultimalty more Objects and Actions around the city.

TheMART4863d ago

haha go write proper English and no weird facked up slang


For every XBOX fan that you know that would have converted to PS3 I know 10 if not more PS2 former fans that converted to the 360.

Really. I don't know many XBOX fans or 360 owners that totally converted to the PS3. Some might have bought it along their 360, but Playstation fans did convert a lot more to the 360 then the other way around for sure.

Back to the facts: So you're ignoring the straight fact that this guy didn't review the final game, but based his 'review' on several previews of old builds of the game. If you actually did that and didn't just suck the whole story out of Kaz's d!ck?

I don't see any base of an actual review in this text. That's reality. That's why I am saying wait untill the reviews will come in. That is something PS3 fans should do also. Instead of all the hype before a game and then get dissapointed because they didn't get the best version of the game, but the 360 did.

It is always known the 360 version was further ahead and all the demos that have been run in public were running on 360 hardware. It is designed with the 360 first in mind. Most signs point to those games (at least 95%) that run better on the 360. And those few ones that have been designed with the PS3 in mind mostly are about equal, for example Burnout Paradise.

Thus we can say: this article is preview of early builds or totally made up, combined with the game designed with 360 first in mind, we'll have to see the comparisons at the end of April.

THC CELL4863d ago

Mart for your fat head i am not english

X BOX is dead mate
had a good run put up with it

X box is Very easy to develope for
yes ps3 is a challange
But exclusive games are a hell of a lot better on ps3 x box 360 other hand Looks OK but the better they look the shorter they are

heyheyhey4863d ago

MART you pu$$y, you wont agree to my bet

whats the matter? hard to admit you were wrong? no? put your money where your mouth is

Sir Ken Kutaragi 44863d ago

Someone is P*ssed off on this!!! ;-D

Kaz Hirai4863d ago

What's the matter, SIMPLETON?
Did your Xbox 360 "console" break? Or did it set you on fire? Or are you just upset about your DESPICABLE 2008 "line-up"?
Whatever the reason, King Kaz will now laugh in your face:


fanboyarebitches4863d ago

look at the sony bots getting all hyped lmfao...check kotaku , destructoid and ign theres a blog in there about the FAKE review i dont have a link i dont know how it works but they way the sony bots acted was crazy yesterday you guiys should be locked up people like
"dora the explorer" "heyheyhey" "sirken" "the cell" all acted like animals on the ps3 forums laughing at the 360 owners then 10 minutes later some guy "prostate123212" provided a link to the blog confirming the review was fake and then for some reason n4g deleted it?
anyways all you sony fanboys didnt even reply and acted like it didnt exist this is sad and pathetic even when legit people provide proof that the review was fake they deny it cause there so desperate for a good game its sad DONT REPLY ILL BE OUTSIDE lmfao its funny ps3 have so much FREE time cause they have no games to play DONT REPLY I HAVE FRIENDS UNLIKE YOU

liquidsnake4863d ago

I really don't give a crap wich one is better. Mart, you're saying that this is a preview of an early build. Still, the Ps3 version of the game has no framedrops, realistic colours...well you know the list. This can only mean that the final build will be better then what it allready is. So please get lost.

TurdStationPee4863d ago

Mart, you idiot. Everyone knows you're not supposed to review final versions of games. What kind of fanboy are you?

Official General4863d ago

Man you are funny, you really know how to agitate those 360 guys! LOL

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omni_atlas4863d ago

I wasn't sure of the authenticity of the article either after the author claimed to put spoilers *AFTER* he reaches 500,000+ hits. Seems like someone looking for attention. If you go to the link of the article theres still a counter on the page at the end of "This site has been removed at the advice of legal council." (View the source file).

MrBii4863d ago (Edited 4863d ago )

For those of you who unfortunately did not had the chance to read the article before the site was taken off.

- PS3 version more realistic colors. Vibrant colors available by tweaking with color settings.
- 360 version is bright and gloomy. Gloom like no tomorrow.
- 360 version looks cartoony.
- PS3 version has more pedestrians and cars and much more vibrant city.
- 360 version has jaggies and suffers from framerate problems.
- 360 version has "pop ups". I personally would like to welcome 360 players to 1996.
- controls much more suited for the PS3 controller.
- PS3 has splitscreen and running awesome.
- 360 cant handle splitscreen.

GTA4 rated 9.3 out of 10.

Conclusion: PS3 version > 360 version.

Neurotoxin4863d ago

Yeah that sum`s it up nicely.

Except what your summing up is most probably a Fanboy article similar to the one that was posting about the 360 version about a week ago.;.... funny thing was that wasn`t taken down by Rockstar legal team. Maybe there is some truth to what the guy wrote? Regardless we`ll see when the reviews start rolling in, not long now at all :).

Rageanitus4863d ago

What hapened to all those comments months ago. where they said the xbox 360 version was playable yet the ps3 was not.

and why would they remove a review whether it be fake or real... I suspect money handling is inovled.

Gamers.... prepare to have overbloated scores like halo 3.

Varsarus4863d ago

I don't think it was taken of. I think he waiting for his site to reach 500,000 hits then he'll put more detail into a spoilers section or something.

uie4rhig4863d ago

erm are you serious? reviews? nobody will be reading any reviews lol, every one will be playing the game and not caring about anything, i have got the feeling that this is gonna be worse that the Halo 3 launch lol
i am still wondering how much it will sell.. (i think it will either out sell halo 3 or it will be near Halo 3!! but i still can't wait.. 22 days left 8-)

jessupj4863d ago

Yeah that definitely sounds fake... definitely sounds like a fanboy to me. It can't be real because rockstar have already said that 'both versions are pretty much identical'.

Fallen_Angel4863d ago

I also said that the 360 frame rate issues could be fix by install it on the HDD. WTF when has any game been able to be install on a 360. If fact MS doesnt allow it. The review is a FAKE and proven by the fact that it was removed. Seriously go back to reading SDF already.

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